Free Express Fitness Class

Free Express Fitness Class
Event on 2017-09-18 11:30:00
You're invited!

54% of women change their exercise routine when they have their period. U by Kotex, together with London Drugs, are committed to ensuring your period never gets in the way of your workouts again.

Join us for an express fitness class taught by Raeanne Kinch, Co-Founder and Barre Instructor at The Sweat Lab, to show us how nothing stops you. PERIOD.

What: Complimentary 25-minute fitness class (appropriate for all levels). Rain or shine!

Class Schedule: 11:30am, 12:15pm, 1:00pm

Register for your preferred class time at:

Space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Please bring your own yoga mat and workout attire.

at LDExpress by London Drugs
230 - 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, Canada



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