#FSBConnect Plymouth Monthly Networking Lunch 180817 12108

#FSBConnect Plymouth Monthly Networking Lunch 180817 12108
Event on 2017-08-18 12:00:00
#FSBConnect Plymouth  Your opportunity to join #FSBConnect Networking and effectively develop and grow your business through our national network of events. This event will be held on Friday 18th August 2017 at Plymouth Science Park from 12pm-2pm and regularly thereafter every third Friday of each month. The cost of the networking brunch is £6.77 and this includes a sandwich lunch, tea and coffee, inclusive VAT, payable in advance. All welcome so why not bring a friend/colleague. Join fellow business owners and entrepreneurs over lunch in a friendly, informal environment at Plymouth Science Park. Attendees gather around tables and each will be given two minutes to promote their business and hear others do the same. You will then move to a second table where you can repeat the exercise to a fresh audience of potential clients or suppliers, all in a supportive, unpressured environment. Every month we have a different guest speaker talking about an area of interest for small businesses and an opportunity to ask questions of the speaker.  In addition, FSB representatives will be on hand to talk to you about ensuring you get the most from your FSB membership and of course time to mingle and circulate with your promotional literature and those all-important business cards!  Details on joining #FSBConnect will also be available at the event, which is completely free. There will also be an opportunity to place a business card into a hat with the winner getting the opportunity to do a 5 minute talk to the whole room about their business. We look forward to welcoming you! Don’t forget to download our Business Networking -10 top tips http://www.fsb.org.uk/resources/10-top-tips-for-amazing-networking For general enquiries regarding the event please contact Operational Support Coordinator for Devon Vanessa Gale vanessa.gale@fsb.org.uk Tel. 07976 425139 #FSBConnect Plymouth is one of many #FSBConnect events run across the UK. You can also join #FSBConnect for free and be sure to follow @FSBDevon for regular information to support your business.

at Plymouth Science Park
1 Davy Road
Plymouth, United Kingdom



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