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    • avatar Lori Hensel 1


      • avatar himbae95 1

        Just finished this and LOVED it 🔥🔥! I'm a sweaty mess now though 😅💦! Can't wait for Novembers challenge 💪🏽😘

        • avatar sarah whitmarsh 1

          Just done 👍🏻 brilliant

          • avatar kellyann noble 1

            Done ✅ even though ant flow came on and wanted me to give up #Nottoday ❤️😂😂

            • avatar Franziska Forster 0

              Dear Lucy,
              i absolutely loooved this one! I am training with you for almost 1,2 Years now and in love it .it´s perfect for my body and time (i have 2 kids!!!)

              • avatar Johanna del Busto 2

                Thank you Lucy 😘! I had low energy today, but completed this workout and felt great. Thanks for all you do ❤. Love this 20 minute workouts. Waiting for the workout bundles .

                • avatar Monica Bland 1

                  Hello my

                  • avatar Sze ling Lee 1

                    love it!! felt great after doing this exercise!! so looking forward to your november challenge👍

                    • avatar Nihad Suby 2

                      Just completed this workout. Thank you! I liked the skater's lunge move and the squat + raise your arms across move since those had me breathing harder😥😊.

                      • avatar The channel for hauls & such 1

                        Great workout I always enjoy your exercises.

                        • avatar Kat Fox 1

                          Loved this workout 😘 thank you 😊

                          • avatar Amanda MC 2

                            I had to modify or substitute because my knee definitely was not feeling the squats or bending down, but this was a great workout!

                            • avatar poppyxo 1

                              really good workout, can't wait for november's challenge!xxx

                              • avatar Marissa Alvarado 1

                                loved the workout, such a great challenge! getting back into cardio once again! we can do it!

                                • avatar hoganfehandbags 1

                                  thanks so much for the modifications!!

                                  • avatar Lucía Menéndez 1

                                    This was so fun and your voice is so encouraging for a chubby girl like me who is on her way to lose weight. Thank you ❤️

                                    • avatar Kate Tomlinson 2

                                      This was so challenging but I loved it! Feel great now :)

                                      • avatar Samra Saleem 1


                                        • avatar Weronika Miernik 1

                                          done it! amazing workout :)