Get Exercise, Lose Weight And Have Fun Too

When I look back to when I was a kid, I remember spending summer days in the pool. It was such a blast to go swimming that nobody even thought about how much exercise they were getting. Now that I'm older, I realize that getting back into the swim is a fun way to get exercise and win at weight loss.

Swimming is such a wonderful feeling. While swimming under water, I often imagined I was flying. No more rules about what goes up must come down.

Exercise that you get in the water is low impact. If you have problems such as arthritis then swimming and pool exercises are a perfect exercise. Moving is almost effortless when you exercise in the water, no pain in your joints like exercise done outside the pool. Even though it feels effortless it also feels that you have had a good work out.

One important reason that water exercises are great for adults is that it promotes meeting like minded people. Unlike jogging it's easier to meet people while in the pool. Having a supportive group of people to share exercise with makes it so much more enjoyable.

Water exercise is a great way to get aerobic exercise without the joint pounding you get from floor exercises or running. Improved cardiovascular functioning, weight loss, lowered blood pressure and an increase in metabolism are some of the benefits you can expect from this low impact exercise.

You may feel that water exercises won't give you the benefits of strength training like lifting weights. However, there are dumbbells made for the pool that feel light on land but heavy in the water. The added resistance comes from the effort needed to move the dumbbells through water instead of air. Now you're getting strength training without the joint stress of lifting weights.

Strength training, whether in the water or on land, improves muscle strength. Improve your muscle strength and you will improve your balance, flexibility and mobility. As we age, hanging on to these three things becomes more and more important.

You don't always need a planned routine of exercises when you hit the pool. Swimming laps is an exercise that's hard to beat. Your shoulders, arms and back get stronger as well as your core muscles in your abdomen and lower back. As you swim longer and longer sessions you'll find your endurance improves rapidly.

Most people have heard of the runners high. This is more accurately an exercisers high. As your body exercises, your brain releases chemicals called endorphins into your bloodstream that elevate your mode and contribute to a positive mental outlook on life. Add in increased blood flow and increased oxygen to the brain and your thinking becomes sharper and with more clarity.

Remember how much fun swimming was when you were a child? Remember how well you slept at night after getting such great exercise? Then get back to an exercise that's fun and good for your health at the same time.

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