Get Yourself A Night Vision Monocular & Binoculars And Goggles

Summary: Police forces, military and security personnel as well as civilians may opt for Night vision monocular, binoculars and goggles. These devices make it possible to view objects at a distance even in low or no visibility.

Monoculars and binoculars come to great assistance for viewing objects at a distance. They act similar to a telescope with the help of which distant objects seem nearer to the observer. If you are involved in some kind of security service, military or paramilitary force, you cannot ignore the importance and significance of a device such as a binocular and monocular. Not only can the professionals, civilians can also use these devices for various purposes. However, though regular monocular and binoculars can be quite handy and useful during the day time under natural light, they become pretty useless at night.

State Of The Art Technology

At night time when there is very little or no visibility you need a viewing device which has night vision facility. Night vision is a unique technology which converts near invisible or infrared light into visible light. The detection and conversion of infrared light is also known as thermal imaging. Most usually, the image produced by a Night Vision Monocular or binoculars is monochrome. In other words, you may not expect the converted image to be visible to you in its original colours. Typically the observer, while looking through the night vision device sees the image in shades of the colour green.

Components and Variants

A night vision monocular lets you view through one eye while a Night vision binocular allows you to have a wider visible range using both your eyes. Used for the first time during the World War II, modern viewing devices with night vision facility come in different shapes, sizes and specifications. Ranging from the entry level models to professional ones, each variant has its own special features and utility. At its core, a night vision device would comprise a tube known as the image intensifier, a protective casing which is generally water resistant, some optical components like mirrors, telescopic and sacrificial lenses and a mounting mechanism.

Head Mounted Goggles

Apart from monocular and binoculars, you may also opt for Night Vision Goggles. These goggles use similar technology as the night vision monocular and binoculars. However, these goggles can be mounted on your head and you can use them while keeping your hands free for other activities. Two types of night vision goggles are available to you. One is the passive goggles and another is the active variant. The passive pair uses natural light such as moonlight and starlight and amplifies them. The active variant uses infrared light which is on the invisible part of the light spectrum.

A night vision monocular lets you view through one eye while a Night vision binocular allows you to have a wider visible range using both your eyes.

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