Good Friday

Good Friday
Back Pain
A lot can be said to describe a Good Friday – everything is done that was on my "to do" list, it’s a bright, sunshiny Spring day, I woke up with no pain in my right shoulder today,….. long list of reasons it’s a good day but one is the most important!

I’ve wondered why today could ever be called a "good" day when it was the day our Savior died for our sins. However, His death and resurrection made it a good thing for us. As a "believer" I think that there is truly no greater love than to give your life so that another might live.

Wishing you a truly wonderful Easter weekend. Enjoy this Good Friday and I do hope your weather is springtime wonderful too.

(Photo is straight out of the camera – no edits. First time in ages I’ve been home when my amaryllis bloomed. Bulbs were given to me by my mother when I lived in my very first house that cost us far less back then than a relatively moderate priced new car costs us now.)

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