1. Arline Hunter Arline Hunter

    BREAKTHROUGH !!!!    A Dr Forest Tennant found and he is right here on you tube with a very long list of the Number One top Pain Spealist in the USA.Wikipedia too.!!  He teaches doctors and is getting a task force of them together …but he's in LosAngeles in Ca.If one clicks onto his name the address and phone number will pop up right on where your writing .His name is DR Forest Tennant  on You Tube Intactrable pain.Centralized 24/7 chronic pain and warning tips.He still prescribes with proof by the high tech MRI'S and No Drug Addict can get passed his teachings .MRI'S can show the pain ,the clumping of nerves.He teaches so much he put them on videos.He does need the most news worthy announcement of his presense on a news station ,a show to be interviewed about his work as he has more ways to stop pain soon as he is also a researcher and ads hormones male and or femakle to the painkiller making them more effective,he explains this in his videos but for him to be on tv it would GO VIRAL and all of the servere 24/7 chronic pain centralized pain victims will be heard that we are not addicts and doctors can prescribe opoids in the right dosage for what ails the patient .he calls Arachnoiditis the king of all pain and that potants which are the high of painkillers are needed.He has a list of sysmptoms .This is great due to you knowing what level you are at as the pain scale is not his way of how high from 1 to 10 as he has other ways.Please all of you with chronic pain write ,call a news station .There has got to be a way but I am shy oof calling his office .he is the only top pain Dr and they are so hard to find .He is over 60 a well learned doctor even an internist ,member of the World health Organization and knows well chronic pai nand is for treatment (painkillers) people with 24/7 with high pain get high blood pressure.mine says I have it due to me taking simple BC Powders for my Migraines ,actually nothing but the highest painkiller there is can take mine away when the  hospital took a MRI while I had the Migraine due to a broken neck and surgerys plus spine from the monster dye put in the spine for contrast,not meant to go into the spinal cords.DR OZ on youtube shows the spinal cord with a model of it large enough to see how anatheseiologists do this outlawed proceeder as a class action suit was in Austrailia,why not here,spinal epidurals not for spinal cord either only for soft tissue as the knee example.I am only one person and we all must get together getting this doctor to speak for us so the media will go viral.Then maybe we can have some existence of life.God Speed and Much LUCK

  2. Arline Hunter Arline Hunter

    Dr Forest Tennant  is the only known top pain advocate .He spealizes in Centralized pain and understands how it is so unfair for government and others that rebel about every thing .Trump started this.I heard it today that he payed out his money to stop opiods.PLEASE  click on Dr Forest Tennant in Los Angeles ,Ca he gives his address and phone and people see him from all over the USA .He admitted that today it's just about impossible to get a pain doctor because what they will do is everything to the patient but prescribe painkillers.he has a long list of creditals that speak for what he does and is.Amazing but he is different than many .He is working on the cause of the real pain NO CURE at any time soon but he's close.He admits he prescribes most all painkillers to his real patients not the beginners (I am a victim and have Aracnoiditis King of all pain.This is the only Dr on our side.he is somewhat famous bein on his many videos (tutorials for the doctors to learn so then they know what the patient has and how to tell real pain inside the body from newer high tech MRI'S that sees clumping of nerves and other 24/7 centralized high powered pain.He is on Wikipedia and on You Tube Intractable pain Warning signs and tips. Back pain is usually  called centralized pain if its 24/7 and has a long time on going and been their done that patients ,he is not against prescribing painkillers (the real ones) but mentioned that a mix of hormone and the painkiller researched tthat the pain lessoned by adding which ever hormone is needed.What this Dr needs and the rest of the victims and need him in the media as once they get wind of this well liked Dr aand what he is doing ,they won't be as against the Opoids .Dr Tennant calls those people nay sayers.Iff you ask me he's our only hope as my doctor is taking mine away as well and mine is the king (25years of torture) I relate to everything you said and I just hope this gives you and wife hope.The government has No business being doctor and saying opiods kill .I am not dead and my siter isn't either having had 5 back surgerys.Dr Tennant says this is called the failed back syndrome.We are not the drug addicts that get their high as people in this kind of pain don't want nor get highs only to let what worked to kill the pain until so may hours prescribed then it is back again .Dr tenant treats drug addicts and teaches his medical people to know the difference as he says a 5th grader can be taught what he knows except wwhen he goes into Dr language one must watch carefully his slides.I wish I could see him on tv news as this is breakthrough news .Please help with this so we can all benefit is to call him and or news stations.I found MD's would like to know about him as one alredy asked me if I knew him and I am only the patient trying to spread the word before all the doctors will be fined and or jailed for the travesty ,unnessary HYPE     NO WAY    You or wife are drug aaddicts with the proof as I have it.Beaware of Dr's that refuse MRI'S as they might know that the way for them to see the source of the real pain and they cannot back out of proof.I hope someone has a class action suit for those dying or committed suicide for needless rejection of pain treatment as before then suddenly Trump mentions Drugs he would automatically ad in every single person in the world with pain.He gets his way every time.Just saying he started this I found out on the news real news.Sorry to put politics in with this but it is in with opiods they are calling them .Now everyones an expert, all the news casters,senators,whers all the doctors in a debate? Please again would you help spread the ord.I have twitter maybe there too?    Your already a victim and an advocate so your already strated ,I just gave you the top one that I saw by accident as I never heard of him but once looking into his credintials and his speech.I vote for him to be on TV YESTERDAY   Much L
    uck God Speed

  3. Bob Cobb Bob Cobb

    they ought to outlaw all opiates and arrest all chronic pain patients and doctors who prescribe these powerful addicting drugs ! t is the same as heroin!! take naproxen or ibuprofen or try to use bio feedback, thinking positive thoughts physical therapy ect people can't really be in that much pain sooner or later chronic pain gets better right? if you take these drugs you will die cause my brothers cousins nieces aunt died!! she was in the hospital for pneumonia and they gave her 15 mg,s of morphine'dope" and three weeks later she died! from opiate overdose said the coroner!! I am a law enforcement officer and i'll bust everybody on pain killers! i will never take on of them hardcore prescription opioid drugs even for surgery! if you take this legal heroin you are an addict!! and if you take even one pill you will die! you can't tell if the pharmacy pills have hydrocodone or heroin in them I have heardon T.V. news!

  4. Michelle JKB Michelle JKB

    If you live in California, I can give you the info for a good doctor.

  5. Terry Weaver Terry Weaver

    The FDA, CDC and DEA renamed decent pain mangement doctors, they are now called PILLMILLS. This is because the federal government wants elderly and disabled people… Dead.

  6. Gabriella Trujillo Gabriella Trujillo

    I understand we can not sue .We have no recourse. If our doctor decides to take us off of our meds. I just don't understand if my meds were working for 8 years. I have the same pain and more. Now I have to be taken off. How can he justify 8 years that he gave me Opioids?  Now I don't need them he says.. It doesn't seem right that I have any rights at all. So has he been wrong for 8 years? Anyone knows a pain management doctor in the Bay Area. I know this post is old I hope someone reads and can answer Or knows a group I can belong too

  7. Leonard Briere Leonard Briere

    this whole issues is insane ….a docter refusing to treat you when you have pain and need meds to relive the issues ….

    we need to bring the docters up on charges and press law suits

    I have a good case and if I had money I would ……and that would make the needed eyes open up ….

    I lost jobs over it houseing , pain for days due to docters refusing treatment …

    it's my choice and Noone else's .

  8. Bill Coutts Bill Coutts

    I am a family practice doctor and have studied the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. I have come to the conclusion that the cause of both is not just the stimulus to the nerves, but the poor health of the nervous system due to inadequate nutritional intake, alcohol intake and decline in various hormone levels. I use oral, topical and intraveinous/intramuscular magnesium, potent anti-oxidants, B-complex vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids to improve the health of the nervous system with great effect in resolving both kinds of pain. The Asian Indians use turmeric for mild to moderate pain as it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that significantly helps with pain.
    Hormones have a powerful affect on the entire nervous system as well as the immune system. Therefore low levels of hormones like testosterone and DHEA play a role in pain for both men and women.

    Wm. Coutts II, M.D.

    Narcotic pain relief drug overdose deaths a national epidemic

  9. John Petter John Petter

    Where do you live? I know a good one in Houston Texas, but with things like fibromyalgia and chronic lyme the meds just help and you can't recover. At least this doctor will give me the medications as he believes me and there is no bullshit about me trying to get the drugs just to get high. Some people claim the thc creams and marijuana edibles help with the pain but not an option in my state- have you tried either of those?  The opioids are bad for your liver b/c of acetamenophene which the FDA Mandates is in each pill to make it "legal"-idiots.

  10. Eddie Rivera Eddie Rivera

    Hi, i really relate to your story, and also suffer from chronic pain. I was acused of selling my pain medication by my doctor. long story short try the all natural medicinal marijuana! Extremely effective for pain.

  11. d Eddie d Eddie

    I'm thinking about retiring in Mexico for their pain management wouldn't be the first time somebody had to go to Mexico to get proper medical treatment

  12. Shawn and Lisa Mason Shawn and Lisa Mason

    My doctors won't even give me pain medication because I have a spot on my brain and they said I could die if I took prescribed Medication I have saitic nerve palsy congenital hip dysplasia and club foot I also have 3 bulging disks and one disk that is split in half I can however take advil seriously!!! we just bought a new bed so that helps greatly. it's a Zeopedic.

  13. nxt nxt

    since pain management got the power of opioid option so many doctors who work in the pain management, they DO think us as a DRUG SEEKER. GOVERNMENT needs to RETHINK so many people like us are very up set and angry about this problem, seems like they will never change and we have to DEAL with itm

  14. nxt nxt

    I agree with you

  15. 5fingers Green 5fingers Green

    kill em! if they think that they can be the cause of someones suffering AND THEN GO HOME TO EAT/SLEEP WELL!! i say "eye for eye" "do unto others as you would want to have done to you" "payback is a bitch"….i can hear you guys saying "come on, that's not realistic & impossible" , to you i say "everything is impossible until its not!" and it's you haven't been pushed far enough………..but prepare, cuz you just might get pushed far enough, AND THEN BAM, it's possible……drs are scum, sure there's a few good one's, but not enough to matter, DRS ARE SCUM!! remember the guy that waited for his dr after work awhile back? bet that dr attitude sure change, oh ya, he killed him, guess no attitude change…but sure squared everthing!!! scum deserved it, just think how after recking peoples lives at their office, they hop in their expensive car, go to their nice homes, drink their nice wine, probably even have a laugh at their poor clients expense, go to bed, then wake up & do it all over again! no shame, no remorse, no HEART! i say kill em!! or take them with ya!!!

  16. playdoh1975 playdoh1975

    The government just wants people with chronic pain to kill themselves so that society doesn't have to deal with us anymore. Their plan has backfired though. They can take the medicines that we need but all that's going to do is force people to go get it anyway they can. It makes way more sense to have a Dr managing someones intake of narcotics then having a street level drug dealer doing that. We will continue to see people dying in record numbers from heroin overdoses until society accepts that Dr's need to manage what ever amount the patient needs instead of getting it in other ways.

  17. Princess Chewie Princess Chewie

    Because you don't need it…….taking them for years??? Your a drug addict….. I live with pain everyday you know why?? Cause I'm getting old … it's called life…. drugs answer to everything


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