Grant Writing for Beginners (Pay-What-You-Can)

Grant Writing for Beginners (Pay-What-You-Can)
Event on 2017-10-18 14:00:00
Grant Writing for Beginners is an interactive and engaging workshop that gives you the basic tools you need to start writing grants. In this workshop, you will learn: how grants fit into a nonprofit's overall fundraising strategy; how to identify funders that may have an interest in your activities; how to assess your project fit with a prospective funder’s interests; the standard sections of a foundation proposal; and tips for increasing your chances for success. Instructor Profile: Michelle Nusum-Smith, a licensed nonprofit consultant, coach and trainer, is owner and principal consultant at The Word Woman LLC, a consultancy that helps nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals to develop the skills, knowledge and resources to achieve their missions to do good. With nearly 20 years of nonprofit experience, Michelle has expertise in organizational development and leadership, board development, program development, financial management, fundraising, marketing, and community relations. She has extensive facilitation experience, including public and private workshops, trainings and retreats. Michelle is licensed to offer consulting services for the Maryland Nonprofit’s Standards for Excellence® program. She has the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to work with nonprofit organizations across the country interested in learning about and implementing the Standards for Excellence code. A graduate of the Honors Program at Coppin State University where she earned a BS in Management Science with a minor in Marketing, Michelle is a member of the Grants Professionals Association, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and Maryland Nonprofits. .  Pay What You Can This workshop is PAY WHAT YOU CAN, with a seat reservation fee.  Cancellation Policy While The Word Woman LLC strives to ensure there are no disruptions in our workshop dates there may be occasion where issues arise that are out of our control. As a result we are committed to re-scheduling the program as soon as possible and providing options to participants. Disclaimer The Word Woman LLC reserves the right to alter information including requirements and fees and to cancel at any time a course or program; to change the location and/or term in which a program or course is offered; to change the program curriculum as necessary to meet current competencies in the job market or for budgetary reasons; or to withdraw an offer of acceptance both prior to and after acceptance by an applicant or student because of insufficient registrations, budgetary constraints or for other such reasons. In the event The Word Woman LLC exercises such a right, The Word Woman LLC’s sole liability will be the return of monies paid by the participant to The Word Woman LLC. Frequently Asked Questions  Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? or 240-215-4984 Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes. Please send an email to with the full name(s) and email(s) of who will attend in lieu of the original registrant. You will need to work out the payment.  What is the refund policy? All deposits are non-refundable. 

at Federated Charities
22 South Market Street
Frederick, United States



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