hands in heart — let’s cure extreme materialism together

hands in heart — let’s cure extreme materialism together
Heart Disease
market street, san francisco

i want to ask u.s. citizens and residents a question this morning.

when will having everything be enough?

when will we, who have EVERYTHING, realize that it doesn’t then have to be bigger, longer, faster, better, sooner.

everything means that all possible needs are met — hunger, health, shelter, security/safety, and yes, even LOVE!

and naturally, there will be some kind of "slowing down" when everyone becomes conscious to the fact that they already have EVERYTHING and don’t need to go to work to find it. so hours will decrease. people can "pretend" that they need to go back to school and learn more, but the stripped down reality is that when you have everything, oftentimes the sudden "not spending time gathering it all up into EVERYTHING" leaves the gatherer of EVERYTHING with an empty space. no longer is the pursuit of EVERYTHING present. instead, the responsibilities and heaviness of EVERYTHING set in.

i’m not sure if it’s easy to become settled with the EVERYTHING. but i am pretty convinced that all u.s. citizens and residents are being confronted with the EVERYTHING. i hope we choose to look back at it and embrace what it means. we failed in this possibility ten years ago when we had a chance as a nation to stop our absurd and insanely self-interested impulses.

now, ten years after that manufactured event that tragically costs thousands of u.s. citizens their lives, the fear factory is still in full swing telling us that we are going into bankruptcy. laughably, people actually believe quite deeply in these mind manacles.

one of the absolute beauties of EVERYTHING is that instead of feeling the "emptiness" of all the actions and adventures and decisions that lead up into this moment, one can rest into the EVERYTHING and find another truth — the EVERYTHING is also the everything. it doesn’t have to sound like a shout. it can be modest and humble and gratitude can lead the way.

extreme materialism is a mental disease. let’s cure it together in this day and age.

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