Hanging in the snow

Hanging in the snow
Back Pain
Parco Sempione, Milano, Italia.
Umbrella hanging on a branch in the park. The owner was taking snap shots, so I asked if I could shot a couple of the umbrella. The colour was incredibly vivid even in the subdued lighting. Posted shot is pretty much straight from the camera, just increased the brightness by about 10 points due to being slightly underexposed, as I had not increased exposure compensation to allow for the mass of white in the image.
Contrary to popular belief, this is not s/c

September 20,1983

In the midst of falling rain, I find I’m not falling.
Cats and dogs don’t hound me.
Rain clouds roll by.
Storm clouds piled high.
My umbrella, keeps the falling rain from drowning me.

Hold me close! See me flying!
Red skies, do not mourn for me.
Sailors worry, Jailors scurry.
But my umbrella keeps the falling rain from washing me away.

It’s been said to me,
That a smile should be your umbrella.
Well I suppose that it may be true,
But it goes much deeper than that.
Because a smile is just another coat you wear,
But the rain chills to the bone.
So from now on I’ll be wearing my smile,
Right next to my heart.

Because a broken heart can cause a lot of pain,
But a broken smile is a smile all the same.
And broken dreams can drive a man insane,
But a broken umbrella still holds out some rain.

Rain oh rain cloud, Pass away now.
Come on back another day,
Cause my umbrella wants to play.

In the midst of all my pain, I find, I’m not hurting.
No longer all wrapped up.
A new wind stirs now.
My mind it clears now.
Nows the time to catch the sun before it flies away.

Hold me close! Let’s go flying!
Blue skikes soaring in your eyes!
Take my hand now.
No need to land now.
Sailing, drifting, wings of love can carry you and I away.
It’s been said to me, that a smile should be your umbrella.

Albert Ralph

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