Happiness…a different perspective

Happiness…a different perspective
Event on 2017-08-01 19:00:00
All choices in our lives, consciously or not, aim for happiness.  What is happiness really, and how can we all be happy now ? Is happiness a happening or rather  a state of mind? Can we be constantly happy regardless of the changes and challenges  around us? If you would like to find out more about the art of happiness join our guest speaker ….     Anna Doiliani             Born and  ​e​ducated in Greece, Anna Doiliani holds a BA in Ph​ilosophy and  ​Psychology from the University ​of ​Athens ​and is a teacher of ​Greek L​iterature,  ​Philosophy and  ​Psychology. Anna’s lifetime search for truth and  ​a higher purpose for human life ​led her to discover meditation in ​ ​ 1987.​​ ​ S​ince then her  ​actual experiences from her personal practice  ​together with ​ her ​ desire to help others has led her to ​help ​ establish Raja Yoga M​editation ​c​enters in Greece and Middle East countries. Anna is currently the director of the BK Centre in Beirut  ​while​  she ​ ​ also travels  ​the world ​running seminars on education and values, science and spirituality and other areas of human spiritual ​development, encouraging discussion, meditation and action  ​for changing the self and so the world​ . Anna ​'s​  innate ​passion ​is ​to ​explore in depth human consciousness and​ serve the world  ​by helping in​ bringing​ out ​the best in others ​.​     

at Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
1420 N. Cooper St.
Arlington, United States

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