Happy Hour and Hypnosis! A Fun and Educational Event

Happy Hour and Hypnosis! A Fun and Educational Event
Event on 2017-11-16 17:30:00
Do you have some important goals you'd FINALLY like to achieve, or new behaviors you want to be able to CREATE & KEEP? HYPNOSIS could be the key for you. Change your mind, and keep the change! * Have you ever wondered if you could be "put under" hypnosis? Are you convinced you are "too strong-willed" to be hypnotized?  * Are you curious if hypnosis really works to help you lose weight, quit smoking or change bad habits?  * Do you think hypnosis is about a swinging watch and being made to cluck like a chicken? * Have you seen a stage hypnosis show and wondered if it's all just a fake? * Have you wanted to try hypnosis to help with an issue but are too skeptical (or afraid) to actually make that appointment, or don't know how to find a professional hypnotherapist you can trust? Here's your chance to find out! Come out and enjoy this informative and entertaining event! TIME: 5:30 to 6:00PM social/networking time--eat, drink, mingle            6:00PM "presentation & demonstration" starts            7:15PM "presentation & demonstration" ends; wrap-up by 7:30 (restaurant closes at 8:00) As an incentive to confirm your attendance, if you register by 11/13/17, I'll email you a free hypnosis relaxation audio mp3. (You must provide me with your email address so it can be sent to you via email. Non-SPAM compliant). ******What exactly is "Happy Hour and Hypnosis"?****** You may have seen local Master Hypnotherapist, Lisa Smith, on WTKR hypnotizing reporter Blaine Stewart. Here is your chance to enjoy good food and drinks, and meet the 8-year Best of Virginia Beach Winner for a night of free demonstrations and give-aways in a relaxed and fun environment with food and drink to learn more about hypnosis and EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF. -- Ask any question(s) you may have on hypnosis--fact vs. fiction  -- Learn if YOU can be hypnotized (you might be surprised)  -- See & experience demonstrations of hypnotic suggestion and response  (sorry, no stage hypnosis parlor tricks--go to Funny Bone for that)  -- Find out the wide variety of what hypnosis can be used for  -- Win hypnosis CD's, a free hypnosis session, and sign up for a Free Consultation with me to find out if I can help you change a habit or achieve a goal Please plan on arriving early, as seating is limited. Since this event requires some pre-planning for food and staff based on # of attendees, please change your RSVP if you discover you cannot make it. *******************************HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS   for House Wine: Copper Ridge Chardonnay or Cabernet   or Domestic Beers: Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light or Coors Light  Other beverages available at regular cost. Most regular menu items will be available to order (see their online menu at http://www.simplyfreshcafe.net/menu.php.) Please post if you plan to order food, so I can tell the kitchen what to expect. Come out to our latest Happy Hour and Hypnosis event and enter to win pre-recorded hypnosis audios or a PERSONALIZED hypnosis audio from Lisa! You can also purchase a signed copy of her “Mental Conditioning” CDs for weight loss and smoking cessation or her book anthology, "{An} Unsinkable Soul: 22 Inspiring Bounceback Stories and Reasons to Keep Going."

at Gus and George's Spaghetti and Steak House
4312 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, United States

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