Having Your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

A popular medical procedure is cosmetic surgery. People from all over the world travel abroad to receive cosmetic surgery, but it was once considered a procedure for the rich since insurance companies did not provide coverage since it was elective. The procedure can be very expensive depending on the procedure type requested.

This has been increasingly done and there are existing programs for travelers wanting to have their cosmetic surgery abroad. The reason? The costs of a cosmetic surgery abroad are often up to seventy percent of the same procedure in the U.S. With savings like this, one can easily afford the flight, the hotel rooms are often included in the surgery price and there is no reason a person of average means cant have a perfectly acceptable cosmetic surgery abroad.

Mexico has several programs for those wanting to receive cosmetic surgery. There are a variety of procedures such as tummy tuck, face lift, liposuction and rhinoplasty just to name a few. Many of the specialists have formal training in the U.S. and are board certified. These same doctors have performed numerous procedures and usually in the range of several thousand.

Most of the doctors that perform cosmetic surgery in Mexico speak English and have as previously stated, trained in the U.S. The hospital facilities in Mexico are very clean and created with the international patient in mind and they use the same technology as in the U.S. The surgical team and staff are very professional and ar trained to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.

If you need a translator, you will not have a problem. Personal translators are available upon request. Since you are usually provided with a personal assistant that will transport you upon arrival to and from the hotel and onto the surgery, they will be able to translate whatever you need since they speak English and also their native language. You will enjoy the luxury of the hotels and the five star experience.

Costa Rica is a nice place to visit and also receive your cosmetic surgery abroad. They cosmetic programs in place are affordable and are designed specifically for the international patient. The surgeons that perform the cosmetic surgery there are board certified and have also received formal training in a western country. As part of your trip, you can even include the tourism aspect either before or after your surgery.

Upon arrival, you will be taken to meet with the surgeon to discuss what needs to be done and be given some preliminary and post operative details. The surgery will be scheduled and you will be admitted on the day. You can choose to have a family member with you on your quest for cosmetic surgery if you so desire. The hospital rooms are very nice and even the lounge area is extremely plush. The nursing staff are well trained here as well are prepared to assist you during and after your procedure.

Drawings will be made of your face prior to receiving treatment. This will outline the exact location the surgery needs to take place. The hospital and medical facilities in Costa Rica are just as clean and equipt with the same amenities as in the U.S. After your surgery, you will recover and if you choose, spend some time visiting the attractions or prepare yourself for your trip home.

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