head massage is very relaxing to sleep | Episode 4



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    • avatar Bree Van de Kamp 1

      new subscriber

      • avatar Jhonatan Muniz 1

        good massage!!!! relax and enjoy massaje!!!! thank you for the great videos

        • avatar 504girl3rd 1

          are you using cologne to massage him, what's in the bottle?

          • avatar H. E. 0

            Good Massage.

            • avatar Jennifer King 1

              just took my sleeping pills.Time to lay back relax, and enjoy a massage… thank you for the great video's.They help sooo much!

              • avatar epicfailguy2 1

                what kind of location is this

                • avatar Kenny Cramer 2

                  Would you ever consider doing a video where you talk (in English) about what your doing?

                  • avatar r man 1

                    go Red Sox! :D