Healing Circle

Healing Circle
Event on 2017-07-23 18:00:00
Guided by :  ALISON SEROUR & HANA DAMAVANDI The New Moon Healing Circle: A Meditation & Live Music Experience  During the monthly Healing Circle, participants are guided to connect through meditation to awaken global and individual healing for our world. What to Expect?As live harp music gently plays in the background, Alison Serour & Hana Damavandi will guide you to use the Zohar’s ancient teachings of healing. Each month we include meditations for:-healing world affairs, politics, and conflict-healing nature and the environment-healing individuals battling illness and disease ———Who comes to the Healing Circle & What's the benefit of me participating?If You are someone who feels drawn to take time out from the hustle and bustle of a busy life to reconnect and create a sacred space to share. If You want to join together in sending light to places and people in the world that are in need. If there is a troubled part of the world to which you feel a special connection. If You know someone that needs healing; or that someone might be yourself. The Healing Circle allows for you to tap into your intuition and access your personal well of Light in order to share it with the world around you. All are welcome. ———-What's special about the Power of a Circle?The practice of the Healing Circle allows us to create energy through the power of circuitry and the strength of unity. In the circle everyone is equal, no one is in front or behind, no one is higher or lower, in the circle we are all one. What if I need healing or I know someone who needs healing?If you’re planning to participate and know someone in need of healing, you are welcome to bring their photo with you to the Healing Circle.

at Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles
1062 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, United States

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