Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts



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    • avatar Paul Edward Fernandez 1

      YB sounds like someone I can actually hang around with….

      • avatar Kylie Jenner Giveaways 2

        Nice work, amazing info

        • avatar Anthony Stolar 1

          This healthy chick seems unbelievably arrogant and condescending

          • avatar GLOK ATOM!C 1

            my little 11 year old sister makes the most helthiest smoithies and they really good

            • avatar SamuraiShizuo 2

              Lol the comments under this video are proving once again that people only care if somebody's unhealthy if it "shows" aka excess fat/acne.

              • avatar SilverRadiant 1

                Holy, she is blessed with those asian genes…..I bet that her ancestors were healthy, peaceful monks that exercised and drank tea which explains her glowing skin. Guessing the way you eat now will affect future generations.

                • avatar collegebrat122088 2

                  wtf is a kelp noodle?

                  • avatar Cecilia De La Cruz 1

                    The white girl looks like brie larson

                    • avatar Health Happyou 2

                      I thought the Asian Food would be the health nut.. it clear the skin

                      • avatar David Barcelon 1

                        whats her name sky what?

                        • avatar Hammering Hank 2

                          YB has my heart

                          • avatar Jade Wolf 2

                            thick** not think

                            • avatar Jade Wolf 1

                              how dose junk food lover so skiny and the health nut think

                              • avatar Jean Baik 1

                                My day usually goes like this:
                                breakfast – fruits! then coffee and cookie
                                lunch – salad! then latte with a caramel shot and chocolate chip muffin
                                dinner – sushi! binges on crackers and more chocolate

                                • avatar Beebo goes shopping and sees something he likes 1

                                  If i sniffed what the Asian eats I would gain 50 pounds.