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    • avatar Kyooshi4000 Productions 1

      I lost it at 18K

      • avatar Kyooshi4000 Productions 1

        3:24 Color Bars Tone

        • avatar Niamh Walker 2

          15840 Hz

          • avatar Iron gamming PLA y 1

            i hear at 179hz

            • avatar WO RLD 2

              16089Hz is that weird

              • avatar DeltaEpsilon CEO 1

                I made it to 14,699 :O

                • avatar Apprentice 0


                  • avatar Martha Nunes 1

                    Started hearing at 120 and stopped at 5715 lmao is that bad??

                    • avatar Sebastian Aquino 1


                      • avatar Mitchelata 1

                        I can't here any of them is there something wrong with me

                        • avatar Dandy Apples 0

                          I couldn't see anything I don't think this works

                          • avatar Jeffrey Woodard 1

                            mine was 18997 Hz

                            • avatar ralphrides 1

                              there are too many variables to make this test one you should worry about. Most headphones and ear buds will not have a consistent DB above about 8KHz, headphones do fairly well down to 30Hz but most speakers will not make any sound below about 100Hz and will have a hard time going much above 12KHz. a hearing test will only test tones between 125 and 8KHz as well.