Heart Disease – How To Stop And Reverse It


I am writing this article because I am just simply shocked and amazed at something that has recently happened to a very good friend of mine, who I will call Louise.

Louise’s Mother has been suffering from Angina for some years now and even though her medication has been steadily getting stronger, her attacks have become more and more frequent. As I understand it, this is because her arteries have become harder, narrower and her blood has slowly got thicker.

I knew that Heart Disease was around but what I did not know is that at least half of us die from it each year.

In 1998 three top specialist Doctors in the USA won a Nobel Peace Prize for learning that an amino acid called L’arginine stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide, this is a gas that allows cells to talk to each other and is the basis of all human life. Without Nitric Oxide we would all die so its pretty important. As we get older, our ability to produce this gas depletes and our damaged cell walls get narrower. By taking sufficient doses of L’arginine then Heart Disease can be stopped AND ACTUALLY REVERSED so the damage can be made better. A company called Synergy is now producing a product which is designed to do this effectively and it has just launched her in the UK. They have a product which has sufficient strength to allow the L’arginine to remain in the bloodstream for up to 30 hours, which makes it more practial than any other commercially available L’arginine.

Off I went then to find out more about the company Synergy. A USA based company with worldwide connections they have a suite of 3 main products – ProArgi9 Plus, Mystify (an anti oxidant) and Phytolife (which pulls your system away from dangerous acid to harmless alkaline). I found that Synergy had recently launched in the UK and so I purchased one of each product so that Louise’s Mum could try it at my expense – this would act as a trial on the products.

It seems that Louise’s Mom had previously had frequent trips to the bathroom after starting her Synergy stuff but this only lasted for 7 to 10 days and then she was fine. We put this down to the same effects of having a normal de-tox – all of the rubbish was coming out of her body. After a month she felt great and after 4 months she has ceased her standard Angina medication. Her Doctor reports that her blood pressure is much reduced and is almost in the normal standard for her age. She is also reporting that she feel about 20 years younger and now she has started country walking again.

We just could believe how different she looked – this woman had been a frail old thing before and when I last saw her I could not believe how she had transformed. I thought she looked much much younger and all of the stress had gone from her face. I am now very happily running a business selling these products and helping others to earn their own generous incomes.

A better opportunity would be hard to imagine. Helping others destroy their Heart Disease whils at the same time helping people to do the same and run their own business is just so rewarding and not just in the monetary sense. I am still shocked that such an important Nobel backed discovery is so unknown.

I think the pharmaceutical companies might know why there has be so little publicity on that one. mmmmmmm.

Thanks for reading my little article and I hope you can find something of interest to you in my short essay.

Denise Brown

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