Heart Disease Is Perilous To Your Health

Heart disease is a universal term that refers to a wide range of keen and persistent medical conditions that affects one or more components of the heart. The heart is a muscular fist-sized organ that is positioned in the left side of the chest cavity. Nowadays we often get to hear that most of the people are suffering from heart disease and most of them have even passed away only due to undergoing the heart related problems. The risk factors of the heart diseases are divided into two groups and they are one major and the second contributing. Major risk factors are those that have been verified to amplify the risk of heart disease. Contributing risk factors are those that doctors think can lead to an increased risk of heart diseases, but the exact role has not been defined. There are major risk factors of the heart diseases and they are high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, overweight, obesity, excessive smoking and drinking, gender, hereditary, physical inactivity, age and many more. Heart diseases especially affect the elderly people after the age of fifty and above. If you are an elderly person and want to avoid all types of diseases including the heart diseases then you need to keep certain things in mind and they are go for regular exercises, stop too much of smoking and drinking, eat a healthy diet and go for regular health checkups to the doctor. Heart diseases are really very hazardous to health as it can even take one's life and I am sure that you will not want to lose you precious life by suffering through these diseases.

Cardiac surgery is even known as heart surgery. The cardiac surgery is done in order to correct the problems with the heart. Heart surgery is utilized in both children as well as even in adults. There are various types of cardiac surgeries but the most common one in adults is coronary artery bypass grafting. In the process of this heart surgery a healthy artery or vein from the body is associated to a blocked coronary artery. The coronary artery bypass grafting can relieve chest pain and might lower your risk of having a heart attack. If you have to go through a cardiac surgery and you are in search of the best cardiology clinic then you need to get in touch with drliminghaan cardiology clinic that is in Singapore. It is one of the top most cardiology clinics throughout Singapore and the professionals in this cardiology clinic will try their level best to fulfill all your needs and live up to all your expectations.

Are you residing in Singapore? Then I must tell you that you are really very lucky to reside in country like Singapore and you must thank god for that as Singapore has a lot of medical facilities that are really grand. If you are going through sudden chest pain, headache, shortness of breath and many more then it is suggestible to get in touch with Dr. Lim Ing Haan, a superb Singapore cardiologist. She along with her entire team will make sure the best patient care. As a leading Singapore cardiologist is one of the few heart specialists who perform stenting via the wrist artery. She as one of the top Singapore cardiologist who proffers various types of services to all the heart patients and all the services are highly qualitative. And the most essential thing is that she and all her team members are well trained and experienced in this field. So if you want to lead a happy and joyful life it is essential that you contact drliminghaan as fast as possible in order to shield your heart.

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