Heartburn During Pregnancy – When the Going Gets Tough

Heartburn during pregnancy is a very common pregnancy problem. However, most women only suffer from heartburn on and off, during pregnancy. For some, it becomes more frequent; and rather difficult to handle. The most common cause that results in heartburn is that the baby is growing and so it puts extra pressure on the stomach. However, heartburn is not something that cannot be prevented. The following steps may help in it.

Prevention Of Heart Burn

You should remember the following:
*Intake of food should be done in small portions, rather than indulging in large meals.
*Alcohol and drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and cola should be avoided.
*One should not lie down immediately after a meal.
*While sleeping, the bed should be in a tilted position, with the head raised high.
*Simple antacids like magnesium trisilicate can be taken, as they are not considered harmful.

Primarily, it has to be realized that heartburn during pregnancy cannot be avoided. Most women face it. However, what can be done is reduce the suffering through some simple measures.

What Is Heartburn And Why Does It Get Aggravated?

Let us now understand what exactly heartburn is and why does it get aggravated during pregnancy? When the acid from the stomach’s digestive juices splashes up into the esophagus (gullet), it results in a burning sensation felt behind the breastbone – this in a layman’s language is what is called as heartburn. It occurs mostly during the third trimester of pregnancy, when the baby has grown big enough to start putting pressure on the stomach.

Heartburn during pregnancy can be combated by maintaining a strict dietary regime. Foods that lead to heartburn should be avoided. This means, no fried or oily foods. High-fat food and processed food can lead to this problem. Soda and spicy food should also be avoided. A good and easy method of minimizing heartburn during pregnancy is to carry some chewing gum at all times. The gum helps in salivating, which helps to reduce the amount of the production of acid caused by heartburn.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many hormonal and physical changes – this also may result in heartburn. During pregnancy, a hormone called progesterone is produced that relaxes the muscles in the uterus. It also relaxes the muscles that control the way the food and liquid enter the stomach. With this particular muscle not functioning properly, heartburn becomes almost inevitable.

However, don’t let all this information about heartburn during pregnancy scare you! There are many ways to fight heartburn. A lot of information is available on it. In addition, it is all just a click away. You could read more on pregnancy websites or visit a nearby store and pick up some pregnancy books for leisure reading. Heartburn sure has its disadvantages, but it cannot rob pregnancy of its many joys. All it requires is some care, and you can avoid it to a great extent.

Of many pregnancy problems that an expectant mother faces, heartburn pregnancy is one of the most discomforting ones.

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