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  2. Drew Gomez Drew Gomez

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  3. Haiden Weaver Haiden Weaver

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  4. Ghildiyal Pankaj Ghildiyal Pankaj

    I m not recovering frm pile surgery what to do

  5. Brandi Dolfo Brandi Dolfo

    Its funny that their showing beautiful girls in swimsuits. And they show nasty pictures of something popping out of your butthole. Hahaha!!!!

  6. Chris Melito Chris Melito

    I'm sitting in the recovery room right now after having this at Tulane hospital in New Orleans. It's sore!!!!!!

  7. Alyssa Marie Alyssa Marie

    whats the chance of them coming back with this surgery

  8. Jason Matty Jason Matty

    Is that The Edge on guitar?

  9. Strings 1043 Strings 1043

    this is the reason why I'm not a doctor.


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