Hemorrhoids Treatment: This Is All You Need To Know!

Hemorrhoids treatment. Hemorrhoidal disease is a very widespread problem: the latest statistics show how the disease have a high incidence on people, without difference between men and women.
One person in three has at least once in their lives, experiments hemorrhoidal disease, while the relation increases to a person in two for people over 50 years old.
I tell you now that the triggering factors of hemorrhoids, in the majority of the cases, are many and that if you don’t front them altogether, one by one, you won’t go anywhere.
It’s easy to run into ineffective solutions and remedies, that sooth temporarily the symptoms without leading to a real healing: here below you will find some effective suggestions for concrete results.

Most frequent symptoms of hemorrhoids are:
Sting feeling and swelling inside of the rectum
Itching in anal area
In the most serious cases, hemorrhage and very intense pain
The symptom of rectal bleeding normally arrives after defecation and the blood is bright red color. Repeated micro-bleeding can cause anemia, shortage of breath and/or chronic tiredness.
The combination of pain and bleeding at anal level can even hide other diseases more or less serious that only the doctor can diagnose. So, in case of doubt, it is always advisable to consult your own family doctor.
– Main causes promoting the development of hemorrhoids are:
Sedentary lifestyle, staying in sitting or standing position for long
Physically stressing again and again on the job or by practicing some sports with engines, body building, cycling, equitation, etc..
Wrong intestinal habits like constipation and diarrhea, that cause repeated pushing efforts and promote the erosion of mucosa
Messy nutrition, where is counter-indicated the excessive use of some foods like alcohol, spices, hot food, coffee, tea and tobacco
Genetic predisposition
Pregnancy and delivery
Dehydration, since it doesn’t ease the correct functioning of bowel processes
– There are two kinds of diseases of the hemorrhoidal venous plexus:
Internal hemorrhoids are an irregular dilation of the veins that are inside the anus, in the lower part of the rectum.
External hemorrhoids that develop under the skin near the anal opening. They can swell, itch and even be so painful, above all during bowel movements.
To get a rapid answer about hemorrhoids treatment, both internal and external, usually you turn to pharmaceutical therapy. Here below, a list of the main product used:
Creams or ointments made of cortisones need to be prescribed by a doctor. They have anti-inflammatory and mildly anesthetic actions. The treatment must be used only for short, two days, under control of the prescribing doctor
Local treatments include creams, ointments or suppositories. Some of them can contain a derivative of cortisone and other lubricant. Their usage is prescribed for only two days, if the situation is not serious. These treatments have no effect in the prevention of hemorrhoids
Lubricants are products used to prevent constipation episodes, a worsening factor in the development of hemorrhoidal disease. It is not advisable the combination with other kinds of local treatment
Oral treatments are anti-inflammatory medicines not steroidal and analgesic. They heal to reduce pain and inflammation. Analgesics like paracetamol, for example, is advisable to sooth pain. Aspirin is not advisable because can cause bleeding. In case of pregnancy it is advisable to consult a doctor
All of these products against hemorrhoids represent, a partial solution to the problem because they have been studied to sooth the symptoms and in a temporary way, but to tell the truth medicines do not represent a solution acting on the problem stems.
In some stages of hemorrhoidal disease the traditional medicine intend to intervene with various outpatient techniques. Between these procedures, the most used are:
elastic bands
laser therapy
In case of failure of the above listed procedures or in the most serious cases of hemorrhoids usually doctors intervene with traditional surgery. Surgical techniques are more invasive than outpatient techniques for sure, but they’re also more decisive. The main kinds of surgery are:
Mucoprolassectomy according Longo’s method made using a mechanical stapler
Surgical removal of hemorrhoids so-called haemorrhoidectomy according to Milligan-Morgan’s technique
Doppler guided hemorrhoidal dearterialization (or THD method)
If you decide to resort to surgery, you need to keep in mind that it is an effective treatment against hemorrhoidal episode to fight, but that this routine is not to be considered a decisive remedy…
…Indeed it is possible that recidivist episodes could happen and this is because surgery can’t be considered a prevention method for the arise of hemorrhoids.
As a consequence, symptoms and hemorrhoidal crisis can represent even in the short term after the operation, despite surgery requires time for post-surgery recovery and can be associated to pains or even complications.
Fortunately, the continuous use of medicines and the intervention of traditional medicine are not the only solutions for hemorrhoids treatment. There are other methods truly effective to heal from this pathology, that act at the root of the problem…
…It is not a case that, to get definitive and long term healing it is necessary to act on the real causes of the hemorrhoidal disease and to know which are the habits and lifestyle to adopt.
Intestinal problems, for example, diarrhea and constipation are in the front line between the causes of the problem. For these diseases there are remedies, through and through natural, that can balance intestinal processes of our organism.
At the same time, a balanced diet is of basically importance for the solution of the problem. Acting on our nutrition habits it is possible to obtain suddenly healthy effects on hemorrhoids attacks.
In the end to complete the framework, in the treatment against hemorrhoids, you can intervene with the correct local therapy made of natural extracts with peculiar soothing, emollient and healing properties.
If you truly understand where stays the cause (or set of causes) that get to the hemorrhoidal disease, it becomes simpler to find the right way to solve this problem once and for all.
The search of a method addressed to a balanced diet, healthy habits and suitable local therapy, is the effective solution in hemorrhoids treatment and to (finally!) get back vitality and physical health.

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