How a port is installed

How a port is installed
Heart Disease
Yes, fighting that old disease called cancer again. They gave me enough drugs so I could comfortably watch the procedure on TV while I laid on the operating table. It was funny to see the hemostats up in me on the TV monitor, and that way you could make sure they removed them all also. I did not know the port assembly was that long, as they run it clear up to the jugular vein in the neck and then it travels on back down to the heart in the superior vena cava. Just amazing; and it is all under the skin. When they are ready for IV’s they just make a small poke into the skin hitting the port and the way we go. So far all is going well, and I am tolerating the chemo drugs with just minimal nausea so far. We will see how it goes as I continue, and maybe I will be blessed with a few more years. I am trying to build up the iron in my blood and I will have to watch for other issues as my immune system takes a plunge.

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