1. lifeestrange lifeestrange

    Before you were diagnosed, did your itching ever wax and wane? Did it ever seem like it had resolved only to come back?

  2. Sara Saz Sara Saz

    You left me speechless. I sympathize with what you are going through but I just can't tolerate anymore sickness to be honest with you. I don't know why always bad things happens to innocent people. It just doesnt make any sense to me at all. I'll pray to god to give you all the strength to overcome this obstacle. It sure is a difficult journey.

  3. Billy James Billy James

    you're a very positive n brave young lady…thx for inspiring us…cheers !

  4. Rozalia Boros Rozalia Boros

    Step 1 in cancer detox lymphatic system…juicing, jumping on the trampoline every day…Step 2 Eat Raw food step3 Sodium bicarbonate with lemon 3 times a day God Bless you All

  5. Jaclyn Scott Jaclyn Scott

    I was diagnosed with HL stage 2A October of 2014. I was 19 at the time. I was home for the week during my Fall Break/Reading Days and had nothing scheduled for that week except a doctor appointment (it was just a normal physical). The doctor did the head to toe exam, then went and examined my throat. I had a few sinus infections and head coats that didn't seem to go away, as well as swollen and painless lymph nodes (They didn't hurt so I didn't think anything was wrong). I was always tired, so I always had some form of caffeine, normally coffee, in my hands. She pointed out that the lymph nodes in my neck, collarbone, and underarm were things that I should have been worried about… as a college student, I didn't think to take those as warnings. That was Tuesday, October 7th (2014), I had a CT scan the 9th, and got the possible diagnosis on the 10th. The following Wednesday, I was under the knife, and they took two swollen lymph nodes from my underarm. Those test results came back, and on Monday, October 20th, I was officially diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma 2A. November 4th was my first round of chemo, and my last round was March 24th of 2015. I then had 20 rounds of radiation (I was in remission before my last round of chemo, but it was the clean up so that any cancer cells that were "asleep" would be killed off), and have just hit the 2.5 years remission mark!!! This coming Saturday will be 3 years since my journey has started. I am forever grateful for this experience, however difficult it was (and it had its highs and lows), but I would not have changed anything. I am now 22, married to my best friend, who did not leave when I told him about the original doctor's findings. He stayed and was there with me every step of the way.

    Thank you for sharing your story, and opening up about what you went through!!! Watching different videos of others cancer stories makes me want to post my story soon!!!

  6. Inesa S Inesa S

    Do all people get bold when they have breast cancer

  7. crovo61 crovo61

    Good luck to you girl, very brave telling your story

  8. Sadia Iqbal Sadia Iqbal

    Wish u a speedy recovery

  9. Ashley Palin Ashley Palin

    I was watching this and itching my leg, and then she said that she was very itchy!! I got super scared lol

  10. samary20 samary20

    May Allah heal u ameen

  11. Gina Vacchio Gina Vacchio

    God bless you be strong

  12. Generation Laugh Generation Laugh

    i have lymph nodes up on under my arms on neck on groin hve no symptoms of lymphoma also i have a salivary gland cyst anyone know if these r signs of lymphoma

  13. goback3spaces goback3spaces

    Isenda, when you posted this in August of 15 I was just a couple of weeks finished with ABVD.  It didn't do the trick, but the following year I had the RICE regimen.  Just found out last week that I'm in remission, 2 1/2 years after being diagnosed.  Lots of your details resemble my situation, even though I'm much older.  The various doctors I saw were unsure whether I was in Stage 2, 3, or 4, and I felt no lumps like you.  Also similar was a long period of bronchitis before being diagnosed.  How are you now?

  14. Carris 3RingCircus Carris 3RingCircus

    Can it be itching anywhere? I go through phases for months of that intensely itchiness..Buts it my arms. Where I too have to sleep with ice packs. It's an itch that scratching really doesn't help..just makes it worse..and burn. :/

  15. Mary Hodge Mary Hodge

    My wife's user name but ima 31 male just started chemo for non hodgekin lymphoma t cell and it's in my bone I've had 13 Blood transfusions because I'm not making my own red cells your videos have really helped me thank you I don't feel alone

  16. Natalie Humphrey Natalie Humphrey

    i have Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer stage 2 on my 3rd round of chemo


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