How Long Should The Exercise Sessions For Your Dog Be?

Dogs are a lot like humans in the sense that they also need their exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. These exercise sessions will keep your dog flexible and moving comfortably. But as a dog owner you should know not all dogs requires the same amount of exercise, and this article will help you determine how much exercise your dog needs.

The breed of dog that you have plays a major role in the level of exercise that they will need in order to stay fit, healthy and stimulated. Dog breeds of the hunting, working and herding type especially require a lot of exercise. Also if your dog is very energetic, they will probably require more exercise. Dogs with lower energy levels that prefer to lie around will require less exercise. It is therefore important that you monitor your dog.

The age of your dog is another factor that you have to consider when it comes to determining the level of exercise that your dog requires. But it is also not to say that all older dogs will need less exercise. Younger dogs however, especially Labradors and Border Collies will need lots of exercise in order to not become destructive.

Many dog owners think the size of a dog is a determining factor in establishing the level of exercise, but it is not. Not all small dogs need little amounts of exercise, take for example the Jack Russell Terrier. They usually want to continue walking or running long after you wanted to stop.

In order for exercise sessions with your dog to be effective, you should do it on a regular basis and establish a routine. Short walks or jogs will not improve the reflexes of your dog. You should stick to a routine, and you will quickly notice that your dog will become more stimulated and contend. In most cases this will lead to better behavior in your dog.

Also take note that if your dog appears to be out of breath, it is not necessarily and indication that they are unable to continue with the exercise session. This is works a lot like an air-con in a car, and is too cool them off.

When you take your dog for their next exercise session, make sure that you go for a very long walk. You dog will not become fit or loose weight if you just play around with them or take them around the block.

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