How Our Lifestyles, Environment and Diet are Killing Us

How Our Lifestyles, Environment and Diet are Killing Us
Event on 2017-08-09 18:00:00
We live in a toxic environment. There is no place on this planet where man-made toxins don’t exist. Every man, woman, and child has at least 500 toxins in their bodies at any given time. Up to 50% of these toxins are carcinogenic, cancer causing. Even unborn babies have up to 250 toxins in their umbilical cord blood.  Our nutritional status is alarming.  Obesity rates are soaring while more people are eating foods contaminated with toxins and no nutritional value leading to disease. Most of today's illness's are related to our diets.     Why is this important? Studies indicate that up to 90% of all diseases are related to our environment, lifestyle and poor nutrition. Toxins rob us of essential nutrients needed to cleanse these dangerous chemicals from our bodies. Cancer, autoimmune issues, heart disease, depression, autism, digestive disorders, infertility and arthritis are just a few diseases caused or at least contribute to our sick society. Join us for an informative lecture that can change your life. Dr. Harris will be discussing how these factors are affecting your health and offering suggestions on how to improve your life. Dr. Harris will be followed by International Keynote Speaker, Ophir Akiva, Mr. Akiva will help motivate you to successfully integrate Dr. Harris's information and suggestions into your daily life.

at Topnotch Resort
Mountain Rd
Stowe, United States



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