How To Buy Night Vision Binoculars That You Wont Regret Later

A lot of people have this question in mind
How to buy night vision binoculars? Well, buying night vision binoculars does not require attending classes. Yet, there are certain things that you must keep in mind to choose the perfect pair for you.

How To Choose Binoculars?

First of all, you must determine why you need binoculars. Is it for watching birds, gazing stars, marine use, gifting to someone, or for safety at night? There are different binoculars for different purposes!

Next, is the lens. The lenses should be ground optically with a coating, which protects the lenses from damage. A multi-coated lens is the best.

Durability is yet another thing to look for in night vision goggles. If you intend to use your night eyes for outdoor rough use, get a pair with hard rubber shell over the exterior. This is perfect for rugged use. There are waterproof and fog proof binoculars available too.

The magnification of your binoculars depends on their intended use. However, it requires practice and a steady hand to hold high power magnification, or else you get a distorted or obscure image. Zoom binoculars are one such equipment. Digital camera binoculars are terrific too.

Usually, the focus adjustment is situated at the nose bridge. Use it to see your comfort level.

Before you buy the binoculars, test them. Bring them to your eyes and check how your eyes feel while seeing through the eyepieces. They should be easy to wear. Get a good neck strap. The best binoculars to have are those that are waterproof and with lens having fog resistant coating.

Night vision binoculars are exciting, arent they? There was a time when these binoculars were so expensive; the affluent class owned them as a status symbol. Today, you can get cheap night vision binoculars and enjoy the night views easily.


There are innumerable ways to use these wonderful pair of night eyes!

Night time navigation
Boating and fishing in the dark
Scouting games
Cave exploration
Wildlife observation


Whether its a pair of compact night vision binoculars or the d-300 night vision digital binoculars, or any other, they work on a similar basic principle as the amplification of existing light so that objects become visible to the human eyes. The high-quality binoculars feature illuminators that can magnify infrared radiation.

Before buying night vision binoculars, you must know that the intensity of amplification of light depends on its availability at a given time. The light condition and power of binoculars are inversely related. If its too dark, you might need a Gen 3 binocular.


There are 2 things you must NEVER do with your binoculars:

Never rub the binocular lenses with just any cloth

Never breathe on the lenses

Doing the above would leave tiny scratches on the binocular lenses that are invisible to the eyes. With time, your lenses would get damaged and you wont get clear images.

The first step towards cleaning night vision binoculars is removing dust particles from it. Use a micro fiber cloth to wipe off the dust from the straps and body of the binoculars. To remove dust from lenses, use canned air designed specially for this purpose or a soft lens brush.

Use binocular cleaning products such as lens brush, fluid, lens tissue, pens, and others. Its tempting to pick your kitchen cloth or computer screen cleaning solution and start wiping off the lenses. DONT! They destroy the lenses.

In A Nutshell

Before you bring home a pair of binoculars, whether compact binoculars, astronomical binoculars, binoculars with digital camera, or any other, check them first. They should be durable, comfortable to use, have protective lens coating, and all the features that a good pair of binoculars possess.

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