How To Get Motivated For Exercise

One of the biggest barriers facing people that want to exercise is getting the motivation to begin. Then there is the problem of not knowing where to begin or where to end and what to do in between.

This all depends on your body type and fitness goals. If your overweight cutting calories and burning fat should take up the majority of your exercise regimen. Some strength training should always be included but knocking the fat off should be your main priorityin the beginning. As time goes on and your losing weight, you will be able to add more toning and strength training into your exercise routine. Read more on this subject here.

People that are overweight are going to have a more difficult time to get motivated since you are probably use to living an inactive lifestyle and exercise is only a thought ( at this stage ). But now that research has proven the endless benefits of exercise, this should be motivation enough but you just keep putting it off and never take that first important step, starting. Even though on the flip side, leading sedentary lives has also been proven to cause a barrage of debilitating and life threatening diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Exercise is like an insurance policy that cost you nothing but time and will actually give you more time on the clock of life.

Now, here is a mental motivater. Close your eyes and picture yourself ten years from now with your overweight tired body lying on a hospital bed with a heart monitor and a nurse constantly checking your blood sugar and your concerned family by your side. Open your eyes. Spooky huh. Close your eyes again.
This time picture yourself and family running down a sandy beach with all the energy you never imagined possible due to the reconditioned attractive body you have built. Feels good don’t it.

So, where do you want to be ten years from now? Start to exercise and eat properly and never, ever stop, it is that simple.

There is a saying alcoholics use. Stopping isn’t the hard part, it’s staying stopped. Well, a reverse rule applies, not just for obese persons but anyone that wants to reap the rewards of exercise. Starting and never stopping, period. But once your in to it for a while, it’s not so hard especially when you feel and see the positive change.

The first day you make up your mind to finally begin and put together an exercise program and at least stick it out for three weeks, the physical and mental transformation that takes place will give you the desire to look forward to your regimen, even if it’s only a few days a week, there will be rewards all the way into your elderly years.

Many times when people don’t pull the trigger on exercise, later on in life there can be irreversible damage that could have been prevented. So what are you waiting for?

Same rule applies for the thinner crowd that is looking to build muscle and strength. Putting together an effective exercise regimen is only as far away as your desire. Resistance training has become a very popular and effective method for fat burning, toning and muscle building due to it’s ability to give the user more accurate safe movement to work the major muscle groups.

Bodybuilders want to utilize the amount of resistance to perform between eight and twelve repititions to the point of muscle failure and fat burners want to use the resistance up to and beyond twenty reps. All reps should have fluid momentum and intensity for maximum results.
For your future health and wellness, you need to start and never stop.

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