How To Make A Treasure Map

The mind accepts what you picture as your reality. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds but every time you look in the mirror you see the “you” that still needs to lose weight, then you are fighting the image in your mind making the creation much more difficult.

On the other hand, if you can remember a time when you were your ideal weight and even better, find a picture of you when, then you can imagine yourself according to the image you want to be. Seeing yourself in this picture and feeling it as if it were now, will increase the vibration around this “body” and make it easier for you to lose weight and create the body you want.

One very fond memory of how I used a treasure map to manifest was when my friend Dr. Jackie St.Cyr at Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center (in Houston TX)and I wanted to create a trip to Hawaii. We both made collages in October of ’98. By December, we had everything in order to fly to Maui, stay 14 days, attend a fabulous seminar, and have two great friends fly out to meet us. All with a budget that NO travel agent could ever offer!

The circumstances and magical events seemed to line up with very little effort. Even more miraculously, on my collage I had written and illustrated how I wanted a wonderful babysitter to take care of my son Parker, 20 months at the time, during my weekend seminar.

The seminar started on Friday at 7 PM but as of Friday at noon, we still did not have any idea how I was going to attend. Then I made an “accidental” phone call to a veterinary clinic. Some how the receptionist said, “Well, what are you looking for?” I said, “I’m in town only for a few short days and would like to find a fabulous, responsible, loving, attentive daycare or babysitter.”

She said, “I have my son in a husband-wife owned daycare and I love them. Call this number.” Of course, they were wonderful and Parker and I both remember them fondly with the pictures we took.

Another amazing creation from those collages was a bracelet that we manifested which upon closer inspection was a perfect match to a very unique bracelet that one of the women in the collage was wearing. The bracelet was the unintentional but delightful icing on the manifesting cake!

Here are some tips that I use when creating a collage and a few different ways you can use the treasure mapping process.

– Use a large poster-board (any color) and cover the entire board with pictures and words that represent what you want to create.

– Take a larger poster-board and cut into 4 sections, each section becomes a different goal or area of your life.

– I like to write my goal affirmation on the front and back of my poster-board. Sometimes the front gets completely covered, but then I have it on the back also. I use this affirmation as I look, visualize and fantasize using the pictures.

– When selecting images, keep in mind that you are looking for a feeling. The image or words should give you the “feeling” that you will feel upon manifestation.

– Use a manila folder, cover all sides with pictures, images, and magazine clippings and then store your loose clippings, journal notes, and “signs of land” inside the folder.

– Take a journal; write down your goals in the form of affirmations and cut/paste one or two images on each page that conjure the feeling or motivation needed to achieve each goal.

– Take a shoebox and paste magazine clippings, pictures and photos on the outside representing the life you are creating. This is now your “creation box” and as you gather images that represent what you want – drop them into your box with a prayer.

– Cut out slogans and ad words that make you feel inspired. Marketing executives brainstorm for hours to come up with those catch phrases and you can leverage some of that energy that mass-consciousness has invested in some of them. Cut out or write and add any phrase that makes you feel inspired to your treasure map.

– Have a treasure-mapping party with your friends and appropriate, supportive family members. Kids love to treasure map.

– Place the collage in a special place where you can look at it every day. When you notice that you are no longer looking at – then move it to another, fresh spot!

Some suggested supplies:

– Photocopies of you, specifically your face to paste onto images on your treasure map. This is not necessary to manifest but can sometimes add significant energy to your creative abilities.
– Magazines, pictures, news-clippings
– Stick glue
– Scissors
– Poster-board, journal, manila folders, cardstock paper or creation box
– Markers, crayons or other fun writing apparatus
– Affirmations and goal list easily accessible to transfer to front/back of treasure map
– Stickers, glitter and construction paper can be fun
– Gel pens and black paper can be fun too
– Stencils, rulers, letter stickers can be useful as well

Just a couple of DO NOTS:

– Don’t use black and white images to manifest a trip or it’ll end up raining the entire time you’re there. (A friend did this and it really did rain every day!)
– Don’t add a specific someone onto your collage if a) you don’t want to manifest him or her or b) they don’t want you to manifest them. This is just asking for trouble and can make your creative waters quite murky! (An image of someone that you do not know is fine).
– Don’t let your collage get outdated, stale or old. If you have lost interest in using the collage to imagine with then it’s time to create a new one or to spice up the old one.

Use your treasure maps as a visual stimulus and conscious creation reminder. You are powerful, use your map to guide you in attracting all that you desire.

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