How to prevent vision problems

Over half of people worldwide suffer from eye diseases. Prevention is always the best solution. Much of the connection between us and the world is primarily through the eyes, over three quarters of perceptions and memories of human beings are full or partial of visual nature. The health of our eyes is thus our entire relationship with what is around us. Over half the world population has shown to have eye problems more or less serious, caused by harmful factors that we encounter at every step. What are these? Long watching television or computer screen, replace natural light with electric light, poor nutrition, poor in minerals and vitamins, chemical pollution, forcing vision during prolonged intellectual effort, and the list could continue. Worryingly for eye problems, most of them are serious and occur at an early age.

Eyes and food

As is well known in natural medicine, we cannot really recover an organ or system if we do not consider the state of harmony of the whole body. In this context, virtually any ocular disease, except as traumatic, is due to internal dysfunction throughout the entire body, to be corrected. For this reason, should be considered the treatment of eye diseases not only with local therapies, but also that address the entire body. And in this sense, diet therapy is of prime importance, there are some foods very useful for treating eye diseases.
Sea buckthorn - a champion of vitamin A, vitamin called "retinol", because it has a decisive role in feeding and regeneration processes that occur in the eye. To prevent and combat eye diseases with sea buckthorn the fruit must be consumed raw, mixed with honey, 20-30 grams each day. Vitaminizing effects also have some raw vegetables, such as carrots, parsley, soybeans (seeds) chickpeas.

Blueberries, blackberries, black currants - all these fruits contain anthocyanins, substances that protect the eyes of the aging process, helps maintain tissue elasticity at this level, improve night vision. Also, these fruits help maintain normal blood glucose and prevent diabetes - a disease that causes major eye problems.

Bee pollen - contains amino acids, with a major role in trophic processes that occur in the eye. A teaspoon of pollen consumed daily provide the requirement of these amino acids, as a means of preventing and combating eye diseases that occur with age, as well as those that occur in children.

Vitamins for vision

* Vitamin A - influence visual field and eyeballs.
* Vitamin B2 - or riboflavin, is involved in mechanisms that allow maintenance of vision.
* Vitamin B6 - may help regulate intraocular pressure (especially glaucoma).
* Inositol - is a component of vitamin B complex, which provides structural and functional balance of the eye.
* Vitamin C - eliminates fatigue, promotes healing and wound infections, strengthens connective tissue, protects the lens and maintains the integrity of blood capillaries.
* Vitamin E - slow down the aging process, due to oxidation and has proven effective in preventing cataract formation. It has special effects in case or against myopia.

Natural treatment for vision problems with Calivita products

- Bilberry extract rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, lutein and zeaxanthin from the composition of Lutein Plus helps prevent a large number of eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration, and nocturnal fog. Also, Lutein Plus protects capillaries against the damaging effects of free radicals and maintains an optimal level of collagen in the eye.

- The most important nutrients for eye health is beta-carotene, which once reached the body turns into vitamin A. Beta Carotene is a dietary supplement that provides optimal dose of vitamin A for the body, thereby maintaining healthy eyes and skin.

- Ginkgo biloba extract, beta-carotene, vitamin C, E and selenium from the Protect 4Life composition reduce headaches, normalize blood pressure and have multiple beneficial effects on vision.

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