1. Patrick Silvestri Patrick Silvestri

    I am going to quit today!

  2. Kuntal Dutta Kuntal Dutta

    Last night I tried making myself say, "I'm not going to smoke after I wake up tomorrow". I couldn't. Got this video's link on WhatsApp as I woke up 30 minutes ago. Probably coincidence? I don't know. But I've heard what you've said; I've read most of the comments, I think I'll go out and have tea, and not get any cigarettes. Let's see if I really want to live.

  3. James Whyte James Whyte

    Wow, thank you so much dude. I stopped 3 and a half years then started smoking cigars then back to smoking and now im trying to quit again and i love this. Total get everything you are saying. We think on the same level. I ended up in a bad place, a few months before and smoked the heaviest i ever did but ran a half marathon for Macmillan with whiplash, chronic pain, a sprained ankle, injured groin and torn cartilage. Furthest i ever ran before was 5k but i pushed myself and completed the 13.1 mile race on mind power alone

  4. Shahzir Theruvath Shahzir Theruvath

    Gna stop right here! It's gonna be toughest time of my life…Il update u guys👍🏻 smoked atleast 10 minimum a day for 7 years

  5. Swagat Bhattacharjee Swagat Bhattacharjee

    I am quitting now. NOW. NOWWWWWWWWWW!!

  6. unaiza shabbir unaiza shabbir

    Hi. I quit smoking 3 days ago. This video really helped.

  7. Valleige Valleige

    I smoke Marlboro Red because of its style. I cant smoke any other ciggaret… I just do it because Marlboro is cool. Any idea how to replace this ;/?

  8. Richshawn Pratt Richshawn Pratt

    Wasn't, u moody!! Irritated , ????

  9. Joy McCord Joy McCord

    I am have stopped today😊

  10. Ben Ay Ben Ay

    lets do it

  11. Mae Oliver Mae Oliver

    I want to quit smoking cigarettes why is it that every time I smoke a cigarette I feel guilty? Is my body telling me to stop? I think so ,so I'm going to listen to my body and stop ,my chest hurts in the middle ,I think that is usually a sign that my body is saying stop ,plus I want to live a long healthy life , I hope someone else has some insight on this subject ,all help is welcome

  12. BackstabberPunk BackstabberPunk

    I'm quitting today after 18 years. Fuck cigarettes. I am better and stronger than to continue to poison myself. Thanks man.


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