How to Use Self Hypnosis

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating art of hypnosis, or how to use self hypnosis for personal development? Hypnosis is an intriguing and often controversial subject. Although experts have conflicting opinions on the topic, it cannot be denied that hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields of study in many communities, including scientists. Hypnosis is a truly ancient technique for solving a number of psychological problems. Although the term hypnosis conjures up images of stage performers who hypnotize members of the audience in to performing silly antics, it is actually an extremely powerful and effective technique that can be used not only on others, but on one’s self as well. If you would like to find out more about how to use self hypnosis to bring about changes in your habits or your personality or your general attitude and outlook on life, read on.

Techniques of Self Hypnosis

Before you learn how to use self hypnosis, you have to master the technique. There are several steps involved in achieving the self hypnosis stage.

Position: Getting into a comfortable position is a must before attempting self hypnosis. A not entirely comfortable posture might prove to be an irritating distraction when the self hypnosis process is at a critical stage. Most experts agree that the posture of sitting in a comfortable chair with both feet resting on the ground and the hands placed on the thighs is the ideal position for self hypnosis.

Reasons: In the second step of the process of self hypnosis, you go through the reasons behind the changes that you want to bring about in yourself. Repeat to yourself why you want to change. Speaking this out aloud is usually a good idea.

The purpose: In this stage, you use a positive statement to assert to yourself the purpose of your self hypnosis. Using positive statements is really important, as the subconscious mind is thought to be unable to comprehend negative statements. This might be the trickiest part when you are first learning how to use self hypnosis.

The final state: In the final stage, you visualize the effects that you expect from self hypnosis. You try to visualize yourself as you would be once the process of self hypnosis is completed. People who are just learning how to use self hypnosis usually find this visualization an extremely powerful exercise.

External self hypnosis: When learning how to use self hypnosis, some people find it easier to use external self hypnosis. This is the method of achieving hypnosis by concentrating upon the three senses of sight, sound and touch. The process works by having the person focus all his energy on single sight, sound or physical object.

Internal self hypnosis: Another technique of self hypnosis that is favored by many is internal hypnosis. This is a simple process in which the person closes his eyes and invokes a mental image. The image might be of anything, but the important part is to concentrate all your energy on the image.

As a beginner to self hypnosis, you might find that none of the above techniques seem to work very well for you. In that case, do not despair. Self hypnosis is a difficult art that cannot be mastered without sufficient practice. But once you get the hang of it, you will agree that learning how to use self hypnosis is well worth the effort.

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