How Ursula healed stage 4 ovarian and uterine cancer in 2000!

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  1. Tami F Tami F

    Just diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian, had stage 1 breast cancer in 2015. How do I sign up for the online tutorials?

  2. Silvia Logan Silvia Logan

    Ursula, I am so glad that you cured your own ovarian and uterine cancer. Good for you, Ursula!

  3. joe schmo joe schmo

    The Gerson therapy (coffee enema) works because it helps the liver detoxify the body. That was probably the most important and effective therapy she did.

  4. enenenene0989 enenenene0989

    I'm an ovarian c survivor. I'm happy for her

  5. Jane Jane

    she is such a lovely woman, there's such a kindness about her you can just tell from this brief interview! going to order her book tonight.

  6. Wendy Gauthier Wendy Gauthier

    Surgery is not always the answer when it comes to ovarian cyst treatment. As I did truly {wipe out ovarian cyst only by natural means.

  7. Laura Farncomb Laura Farncomb

    In order to prevent ovarian cyst recurrence, stay away from conventional treatment methods. They ain't going to do any help to tackle the root cause of your issues.

  8. S Caldwell S Caldwell

    More surgery and a cure. Surgery, surgery, surgery …. tis traditional medicine I believe. I am happy she made it without the chemo but not convenience the cure was independent of the surgery. I suspect the change in life style and nutrition helped but she did so many things including going under the knife. Still waiting for the "virgin" healing … confirmed diagnosis and healing without any surgery, chemo or radiation. (What proof of her cancer diagnosis did you see before interviewing her?)

  9. life9328 life9328

    Thank you to share this with us. I have a prostate problem(62 year old) and I would like to get the accessories for cogge enima. Can I get those in a drugg store or if not how can I get them. thx

  10. Julie S Pemberton Julie S Pemberton

    Science has proven that you can get rid of your Uterine Fibroids naturally in less than 2 months and prevent their recurrence. Also, you can actually remove discomfort, pain and bloating within 12 hours.

  11. Mark Ferwerda Mark Ferwerda

    Chris, have you heard of prostate cancer remission through diet change/juicing?


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