Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach Announces Independence Day Weekend Lineup

Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach Announces Independence Day Weekend Lineup
Event on 2017-07-01 11:00:00
Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach announces 4th of July party lineup, inviting guests to an event-filled, weekend-long Independence Day celebration.

SATURDAY, July 1st (11am – Sundown)
To start off the celebratory weekend, on Saturday, the sbe poolside oasis will host Swim Club Saturdays *Liberty Edition* featuring an extended set with Hyde’s very own resident DJ’s Louis Dee and Leo Medina.

SUNDAY, July 2nd (11am – Late)
On Sunday, from 11am – 7pm Hyde Beach invites guests to join them for their much-admired champagne-fueled SLS Sundays Pool Sessions where DJ Keidy will be on the turntables. Immediately following, the late afternoon pool party, Hyde will turn into a Vegas-caliber night of fun under the stars as special guest Borgeous spins a unique set during Hyde’s highly anticipated Night Swim fete from 7pm – late.

MONDAY, July 3rd (11am – Sundown)
On Monday, the party continues as Hyde Beach hosts Retreat Mondays with DJ Danny Stern featuring a pop-up juice bar, which will be serving spiked pressed juices. What’s more? Vita Squad (a mobile intravenous nutritional IV therapy service) will be hosting a popup lounge inside one of the cabanas alongside the pool, offering package-priced VitaSquad IV drip services ( small bags, 0 large bags, B-12 shots) consisting of all the essential vitamins needed to treat a hangover or dehydration related ailments in a mere 15-30 minute session ~ hangover be GONE!

TUESDAY, July 4th (11am – Sundown)
And for the grand finale, on Tuesday, Hyde Beach invites guests to join them to celebrate America, home of the brave! No 4th of July weekend soiree is complete without a specialty Independence Day BBQ food & cocktail menu, which will be available throughout the weekend festivities for guests to refuel and refresh. Highlights of the menu include Truffle Fries, Corn on the Cobb, Robata Chicken Sandwiche, Hyde Burger, Wagyu Hot Dog, signature Katsuya rolls and more! Adding a little more festivity, specialty red white and blue shots will be offered all weekend long for those much-needed insta-worthy cheers moments you’ll want to remember! It’s going to be a true Miami style rendezvous you won’t want to miss as the high-spirited energy and style captures the oceanfront haven in their highly anticipated 4th of July commemoration.

For ticketing and table inquiries visit http://sbe.com/exclusives/4th-of-july-weekend-at-hyde-beach/.

at Hyde Beach
1701 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, United States



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