Hydrogen for Health: The Best Water for Performance and Vitality – Edinburgh

Hydrogen for Health: The Best Water for Performance and Vitality – Edinburgh
Event on 2017-09-07 18:30:00
Hydrogen for Health: The Best Water for Performance and Vitality Is this lecture for me? If you work as a health professional, a GP, a naturopath, a nutritionist, a therapist, a fitness/wellness expert, a physio or a chiropractor or if you're simply someone who's interested in health and wellness and in taking better care of yourself, you're in for a treat. Who is the presenter? The lecture is presented by Paul Barattiero, C. Ped., the founder and CEO of Synergy Science, Inc. and the developer of the world's leading brand, the Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water systems. Paul works diligently to educate individuals on how to prevent pathology and no longer suffer from conditions they may already have. Once he understood how water with dissolved molecular hydrogen could improve health, he began lecturing across the world on the effects of molecular hydrogen. What will I experience? You'll be able to explore and understand how molecular hydrogen (also known as hydrogen gas or H2) affects  our gut health, chronic inflammation and performance and you'll do that in a very fun and interactive way. You'll get an overview of sound science that shows the benefits of molecular hydrogen on 150 human diseases and every organ in the human body, you'll be able to experience the effects of H2 during the lecture (we'll have hydrogen-rich water available for your to taste) and witness the official launch of Synergy Science UK. Who's the host? This lecture is hosted by Veronika Appleford Divincova and the Synergy Science UK team. What time do I need to be there? Please arrive between 6-6.30pm to register. We'll start at 6.30pm sharp. How much does it cost? You'll pay a deposit of £10 to reserve your spot. We'll return the £10 to you on the night at registration. Otherwise the ticket is non-refundable. How long will the lecture be? It will take about one hour. We'll do a short introduction and we're also allowing extra time for questions and for you to mingle and chat if you feel like it. How do I get there? More information here: Is there parking? On street parking near the hotel is availble. Please check What if I want to find out more about how we can work together? For those who would love to find out about how to become part of the Synergy Science Team, we'll be running a business breakfast on Friday 8th Septmeber in Edinburgh (link coming up soon). I'd like to arrange a private meeting, an interview or an additional lecture with Paul or find out more about Synergy Science now. How do I do that? Please contact Veronika Appleford Divincova at: +44 7528 550 190  or at About Paul Barattiero, C. Ped.: Paul was in “The Truth about Cancer” documentary and has been featured on several radio shows including the Robert Scott Bell Show.  He participated, lectured and taught at many different events, conferences and seminars. You can find a list of a few examples from pervious years below:  2017-2015 Lemire Clinic – Integrative Holistic Health Summit, Florida Navel Conference, New York Robert Scott Bell Radio Show The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM) – Permanent training module for molecular hydrogen – ACIM fellowship level 4 trainer/lecturer Total Health Toronto (the largest Natural Medicine show in Canada) I-ACT – National Convention in colon Hydrotherapy, Key Note Speaker, Nashville International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers – Colon Hydrotherapy International Congress (CHIC), Birmingham, UK New Life Expo, San Francisco New Living Expo, California The Truth about Cancer documentary series The Truth about Cancer Annual Gala Vikasa Integrative Health Expo (also in 2014, 2015) Autism Recovery Telesummit Al Cole – CBS Radio: People of Distinction Kat James Radio Show – Serious XM and many more…

at The Point Hotel
34 Bread Street
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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