Hypertension EXPLAINED: Keep Your BLOOD PRESSURE in Check!

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    • avatar PictureFit 2

      Being fit and in shape is great, but it doesn't always mean you're healthy! Prioritize your health just as much you prioritize your gain (if not more)!

      Expect more health vids in the near future!

      • avatar Sarah Abdul Razak 2

        A doctor warned me about my blood pressure when I was signing up to donate blood -_- The doctor even asked me if I had been running or something because I looked pretty healthy to her. I have to say I was pretty nervous because it was my first time donating, and a large guy queueing in front of me was asked a ton of questions by the doctor, so it might have just been my nerves.
        However, I've lost quite a bit of weight since and been eating much healthier, hope I fare better on my next checkup!

        • avatar Ted Teddison 1

          Im 15 and need help… I lift almost every day, I eat somewhat clean (avoiding sugar and trying to get greens every day) and also drink lots of water I can also run about 2 miles, so i know that i am in good shape. I have recently found out that my BP is 144 over 90. which they said is the equivalent of a middle aged man. What do i do???

          • avatar Ben Plant 2

            what about creatine?

            • avatar Princess Onania 1

              I need to start exercising. I walk to school and back but I can't fit in any other times because i have exams atm. It's so hard!! But I have to cause I'm obese…

              • avatar Mads 2

                Plant based diet reverse and stop hypertension

                • avatar D Money 2

                  drinking lots of water helps too

                  • avatar Cory Simmons 1

                    PictureFit, I love your videos. I saw some videos, elsewhere on YouTube, that say salt causing hypertension is a myth. Suffice to say, I've been downing a ton of salt lately. If you're looking for a video idea, would you mind tackling whether salt is actually bad for you?

                    • avatar HdtvTh 1

                      Exercise is the key, I'm loaded with nicotine and still have normal BP, I'm not smoking, some people like coffee I like nicotine.

                      • avatar arkchanger 1

                        Diet is years light more important than excersise in every way, just saying… also in some cases, medication might be used when all other methods seems to fail.

                        • avatar Rishav Shrestha 1

                          how about weight training ? does it lower blood pressure ?

                          • avatar Semii C 1

                            this might sound stupid but can you make a video on eating disorders? I'm trying to lose weight (because I actually need to lose weight) but Its hard to do so when you're in that mental state… if this is a dumb question just ignore it

                            • avatar Greg Calleja 2

                              "THAT FAT SHAMING"

                              • avatar EuroDiplomati 1

                                please, please do hypotension next :)

                                • avatar Felix Daglish 1

                                  if my blood pressure gets super high during exercise and sometimes gives me headeaches during exercise is that really bad or okay?