Hypnotherapy, Stress Management for Women Expats in Rome

Hypnotherapy, Stress Management for Women Expats in Rome
Event on 2017-07-14 11:00:00
A 60 minute, one hour bespoke Hypnotherapy Stress Management Session for women only. Contact us by phone to organize an appointment. If you are a woman living in Rome and suffering from stress, anxiety and or panic attacks this session is for you. Hypnotherapy is frequently used for stress and anxiety treatment and can help you free yourself from the heavy weight of stress and anxiety and help you to be happy and healthier. It can help stop recurring thoughts caused by worry and anxiety and increase productivity and creativity. Hypnotherapy can help you all the conditions that your doctor has diagnosed as being caused by chronic stress. Stress related headaches, heart problems, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, stomach problems, IBS, Acid reflux, heartburn and GERD to name but a few. A number of common causes of stress include: Having too much responsibility to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Big changes, such as divorce, moving homes, being away from loved one's. Not feeling fulfilled in your love life or career. Feeling out of control Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness. High pressure schedules. External traumatic events in the news. Procrastination. Bereavement. Redundancy and relocation Infertility Marriage  Moving House Menopause Public speaking Feeling overweight Children's issues Low confidence or self esteem. Not only will hypnosis allow you to relieve stress throughout your day it gives the tools to be able to cope.You will learn how to change your perception, stay relaxed, calm and in control. You will be able to access your own inner strength to help you cope with tough situations. All our sessions are tailored specifically to meet your needs. We do not use standard hypnosis scripts. Firstly we will discuss your particular requirements or goals. This will include general personal information, sleeping patterns and any specific medical symtoms or medications.  During the session you will be sitting upright in a chair as you would normally with your eyes open or closed, whichever you prefer. We will chat with you first and then allow you to relax and go into a state of self hypnosis. We believe that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you will always be in charge of your mind and in full control of your mind and body.  Hypnosis is not sleep. It does not involve losing consciousness or revealing secrets. You will only reveal what you feel comfortable with and what you feel will help your situation. Many times throughout the day you go into a state of self hypnosis.  This is commonly named as day dreaming. In the session you will be guided into a state of relaxation through self hypnosis. In this calm and peaceful relaxed state you will be able to feel a sense of calm and wellbeing in which you can make the necessary changes at a subconscious level. We like to say that it is like being in an meditive state of mind.  After booking your session please email or phone us to arrange a time of day that fits in with your schedule. We will travel to your place of work or your home to do the session. We live in the Castelli Romani and can travel to the Castelli or to central Rome for the session. Our clients tell us that after a session they feel calm with a sense of wellbeing and they feel that they have the ability and strength to meet the challenges of life. We look forwards to being able to work with you to resolve your issues caused by stress and anxiety. If you have any issues that are not mentioned here and would like help, please reach out to us via phone or email We also work via Skype if you are far from Rome. 

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