I AM INSPIRED! Black History Special…..

I AM INSPIRED! Black History Special.....
Event on 2017-10-21 10:00:00
'I AM INSPIRED'     After a wonderful 2nd event we are back with the ‘I Am Inspired’ Black History Special on the 21st October 2017 come and join us! This edition of 'I Am Inspired' will bring together specially chosen speakers & facilitators who are expert in their field, leaders in the companies and visionary entrepreneurs, who will give you the opportunity to be:                                                          Inspired                                                        Engaged                                                      Empowered                                                      Take Action    The event will enable family communication, direction, togetherness, finance and investment awareness while creating a lasting impact on your future. There will be a focus on ‘Black History’ from all the speakers giving insight to their ‘Black Heroes’ that shaped their career. There will be workshops to enlighten and bring forth self-analysis and development.  I Am Inspired is for families with children aged 8 upwards, alongside their parents, aunts, uncles, friends to provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. On the day there will be focus on: Self Investment Valuing Self Family Workshop 10 steps to be Self Sufficient Routes to University Educating your children at home Platform for authors to publish Planning for your future Performances including Lil Shan-Shan, El-J Coote-Grant & More Provided for you: Lunch Refreshments Stalls selling books, Jewellery, Total Life Changes and other items A goody bag          ‘When making changes in your life old dots don’t always connect’ -  I Am Inspired!                        Don't make excuses get your Tickets now   Specially Selected Speakers: Sarah Welsh  Sarah is a HR Professional who recently graduated, aspiring Entrepreneur, and speaker. Sarah after securing her 1st property and 2 years of working in the HR sector, Sarah left her job to focus on building an online business in HR which will offer services to start up business and organisations (currently in progress). She has also joined ACN one of the largest telecommunication companies where here journey continues as an Entrepreneur. Since mid 2017, Sarah has been pressing on in her journey, learning, growing, building and creating opportunities for income, facing the challenges of the Entrepreneur process, she continues to stay positive and put herself out there to encourage those around whilst she is on her journey pursuing her passion for speaking, helping start up business’s and most of all mastering her own time so she is able to give back and create opportunities for others. “I Aspire to Inspire Before I Expire" To Learn more and join Sarah’s Journey or have any questions as she continues to grow: Email: Deeperwithsarah@gmail.com Facebook: Deeperwithsarah Twitter: Deeperwithsarah Instagram: Deeperwithsarah Paulette Williams - Founder of Leading Routes.  After over a decade of managing outreach projects in higher education, Paulette grew increasingly concerned about the low number of African Caribbean students enrolled at Russell Group universities, and the attainment and experiences of students who do attend elite institutions. Whilst recognising there is much work to be done by institutions to create an inclusive environment, Paulette felt that by strengthening young people's most influential networks (peer, parental and professional), students would become better informed and empowered. She hopes Leading Routes will become a vibrant network for black students in the UK, and offer the support they need to thrive during and beyond university.   On the day, Paulette will share her journey and vision for Leading Routes, as well as tips on how to prepare for university and how to make the most of your university experience."    Chris Sibia, Writer and Entrepreneur Chris is a Writer, successful Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and Mentor to the many under privileged young people in our community, working closely with several charity organisations. Chris is now working on creating a platform for other potential Authors to express themselves with the creative writing of their autobiographies through his Publishing House, London's Finest Distribution.   Chris has pretty much always been self employed, not always choosing the straight a narrow path to get by, but after the events that caused him to turn his life around, he has now decided to encourage the next generation to do something different and positive instead. Chris has 3 new books coming out this year, as he thinks it is very important for us to tell our story from our mouth so we are able to control our narrative.  To learn more about Chris please contact him at: Website: www.ChrisSibia.london   www.ChrisSibia.com Email: Info@chrissibia.com Facebook: Chris Sibia Twitter: Chris Sibia Sonia Poleon, Journalist and Author Sonia is a Journalist, successful Entrepreneur, TV and Radio Show Host and award-winning Author. She is also a Mentor, Business and Inspirational Speaker. Sonia creates strategies, tools and tips that enable her clients to overcome life and career struggles – shine like a star and master their hustle. Since 2002, Sonia has worked for herself. She’s owned a letting agency, transforming her first property into a profit of a quarter of a million pounds. She’s also owned a successful shoe stop and a children’s nursery. These are all business experiences that she draws inspiration from. Sonia’s on-air chats are about culture and lifestyle, sandwiched between tunes – has included spicy conversations with top-notch guests like Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Desiree Rogers - President Barack Obama’s former Social Secretary, Levi Roots - a British-Jamaican Reggae Musician, Lisa Nichols, ET and many more. Not surprisingly, her sultry tone is often tapped for voice overs, communications training and public speaking. Sonia also delivers nuggets of knowledge on her YouTube channel (Sonia Poleon).  To learn more about Sonia please contact her at: Website:  www.Sonia-Poleon.comEmail: Office@Sonia PoleonFacebook: Sonia Poleon Twitter: Sonia Poleon Instagram: Sonia Poleon Lil Shan Shan - Real name Ashanti Johnson-Baiden age 9 very talented Entrepreneur/ Model/ Actress/ Motivational Speaker/ Rapper/ Author of (SSS) Super Shan Shan, been writing her own music and storybooks since she was six years old. Lil Shan Shan idols range from her 'parents' to Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Lauren Hill, she has definitely been put on this earth to encourage people from all walks of life; a very inspirational little girl. Tony ‘Play’ Douglas, Entertainment Entrepreneur Of true African Caribbean descent, Tony Douglas came into the world bringing cultures together; born in London, his mother being from Sierra Leone and his father from Jamaica. Tony can best be described as an entertainment entrepreneur with a background that ranges from event promotion, artist/athlete advisor, promotion and management, branding consultant, networking guru, genre creation, branding and promotion, online presence specialist, territory expansion expert and mentor. Tony’s promotion work started when he was a mere 16 years old and speaks of his ability to identify niches, gaps in the market and growing trends and sub cultures. Inspired by the cult classic basketball movie ‘Above the Rim’, young Tony took it upon himself to build the correct team, both on and off the court, and thus went on to organise and promote the first inter college basketball tournament between Hammersmith (where he attended) and SFX.  As a young promoter Tony continued to create lifestyle events that captured the campus social experience; ‘Uni Jam’ and ‘Student Link Up’ which became his first territory expansion project as he successfully brought the event to Miami, USA. Upon leaving college, Tony, p.k.a Mr. Play, now had an established reputation as a successful events promoter, host and DJ across London. Over the years that followed he expanded both his experience and territory as he led the field in a constantly evolving industry known to recreate itself every 3 to 5 years. Online / Social Network for Tony ‘Play’ Douglas Twitter                        @TonyDouglasVIP Instagram     @TonyDouglasVIP Quotes 1. For any young entrepreneur I say; grow thick skin quickly. Most forward thinkers aren't given credit by their own people. Sometimes it has to be enough to be valued by the people who your  people value. 2. As I’ve grown, I have become at peace with not being understood, because I find that those that need to understand, do.  3. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, for as long as you can. Life isn't meant to be lived in one place.  Masai Lewis is a mentor to Young People, Entrepreneur, Trader and Music Artist Masai is a highly motivated, ambitious and passionate speaker. Covering topics of success, failure and discovery of personal potential. As an entrepreneur Masai has been involved in a several business including bouncy castle hire, as well as a nightclub owner/manager.  Masai's main focus is teaching people to trade on the forex market with a course created by him. He is also​​ mentoring young people to attempt to install confidence and give strategies to stay off the wrong path in life something Masai knows about very well.           Testimonials “A worthwhile, well-organised event for families” “When’s the next one…”   Please note: There are stalls available for hire contact 07931 973 235! Follow us on Social Media Instagram @sensationalsltd @l8nighttalkshow There are also opportunities to Sponsor I Am Inspired our first Anniversary on the 24th February 2018!      

at Willington Youth and Community Centre!
Willington Road , Off Landor Road
Clapham, United Kingdom



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