I just gained 30 pounds!

I just gained 30 pounds!
I recently started an exercise / weight loss program by Denise Austin, and was supposed to get weights to exercise with. I didn't want to spend the money on weights, so I've been lifting library books - : )

Until Wednesday, when I walked by a dumpster and saw these weights sitting outside. I think someone was throwing them away, but left them outside in case anyone wanted them - good thinking, because I would not have gone dumpster-diving . . .

But I'm very pleased with my new weights - I just checked prices online, and each one costs about , so I just got a Christmas gift for the New Year!

I'm grateful for FREE stuff when I actually need it and will use it!

Gratitude Series 2012 - photo #7 - Vielmohls mersi (Alsatian)



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