Ice Walk to Lwówek Śląski

Ice Walk to Lwówek Śląski
Back Pain
Early in the morning they left to catch the 5 am train to the mountains. Most of the group planned to go to the top of the Karkonoszy Mountains, to walk in the snow. Rajesh went to Boleslawiec, to do some souvenir-shopping. Only me, Jeroen, Eva and Emily stayed at home, had a late breakfast and a relaxed morning. In the afternoon we made a walk through the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bobru). A beautiful ice-landscape: everything white from fog and the branches of the trees had long drops of ice. We passed through the vilage with the cool name of Dębowy Gaj with large old ruins of a palace. From there we continued through the forest. climbing down along big rocks. In Lwówek Śląski we went to the station but there was no train back, so we checked out the busses. Then suddenly Jeroen slipped on the pedestrian way and fell down on the ground. He shouted loud as he had very much pain and could not move. Some young people came to us and asked if they could help. They called 112; within 10 minutes the ambulance arrived and Jeroen was taken to the local hospital.



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