1. Wally Rashid Wally Rashid

    She is the contemporary female superhero! Awesome!

  2. meryl lafargue meryl lafargue

    We have the same lunch box😀

  3. Madi G. Madi G.

    This just makes me so excited and motivated for nursing school in the next coming years. I can't wait to help people like this and be so responsible for life.

  4. Miss Aisosa Miss Aisosa

    I just want to be a trauma nurse,wow!

  5. elena kk elena kk

    i haven't decided what speciality i want to go into, but ive decided i either want to be a nurse or a surgeon so big respect to them all!

  6. jxmiethxoutcxst jxmiethxoutcxst

    This is what I want to do with my life

  7. K. atleen K. atleen

    I have met many great nurses and I know they love their job because they don't show it despite their stressful environment.They put lots of effort to make others feel better. I appreciate nurses.

  8. mana_narie x mana_narie x

    I have a lot of respect for these people.

  9. Brooke Searfoss Brooke Searfoss

    This is so cool

  10. Michael Valenzuela Michael Valenzuela

    To everyone in the medical field… thank you for what you do..

  11. Yo Momma Yo Momma

    Couldnt pay me enough to work this job. I love having a lifeeeee

  12. I once killed A man with my shoe I once killed A man with my shoe

    Wow! I have so much respect for them

  13. I once killed A man with my shoe I once killed A man with my shoe

    How do they pick people??!!

  14. Aniyah Brown Aniyah Brown

    My mom is a nurse and I started going to work with her one Saturday out of the month and it really changed my life and inspired me to want to work in the medical field😍😍

  15. Sierra Cottle Sierra Cottle

    Love this! Gets me so excited for my nursing career!

  16. pretttywhenyoucryy pretttywhenyoucryy

    Mad respect for nurses, they probably the most difficult jobs out there.

  17. Catie Koala Catie Koala

    That "ding ding ding" noise is the worse thing, especially if you're right near the nurses station

  18. drakore244 drakore244

    While I love trauma nurses, I really do, especially the ones in large centers that I can send complex patients to, please show a day in the life of a rural outpost nurse. We get the same traumas, albeit less frequently, but we maybe have xray and that is it. No doctors save the rare teleconference, and we have to keep people stable enough for the upwards or 6 hour transfer to a major center.

  19. taopanda98 taopanda98

    Respects to nurses and doctors!! ❤❤❤


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