Image from page 129 of “Hypnotism, its facts, theories, and related phenomena;” (1893)

Image from page 129 of “Hypnotism, its facts, theories, and related phenomena;” (1893)
Healing Arts
Identifier: hypnotismitsfac00sext
Title: Hypnotism, its facts, theories, and related phenomena;
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Sextus, Carl
Subjects: Hypnotism
Publisher: Chicago, C. Sextus
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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y andobscurity of the future and predict concerning its happinessand occurrences. At the same time they can describe what goeson at places distant and completely unknown to the patient. Inthis last case mediumistic persons will especially succeed. Thepatient will not go to sleep, but will remain fully awake duringthe entire treatment, and the phenomena spoken of has a directrelation to hypnotism, which assists in the development of hisability aided by the manipulations and the constant gazing atthe magic mirror. But the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. * * * To anotherthe gifts of healing.—/. Cor. 12: 9. n6 MAGNETS AND OU. THE ART OF MANIPULATIONS AND PASSES BY THE HANDS ON THE DISEASED PART OF THE BODY, AND THE CURE OF DISEASES. I have applied the hand with great success, in hundreds ofcases, and in that manner have cured patients of their diseasewhen all other methods had been employed without deriving anybenefit—especially in all nervous diseases. It is absolutely

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MODERN MANIPULATIONS. necessary for the magnetist to have warm and perfectly dryhands. If the hands are damp, and not warm, he will not beable to affect the diseased parts. Treatment will not alone bevery unpleasant for the patient, but it will be without any heal-ing, quieting results. For the magnetist to be able to removepain, and affect the nerve system and circulation of the bloodin a beneficial way, the hands should, as above mentioned, bedry and fairly warm. The operator also should be mentallyclear and self-poised. It is also required of the magnetist to betranquil and determined in appearance and proceedings, concen- MAGNETS AND OD. II7 trating his whole mind and will-power on what he undertakes,and consequently he should be fully possessed of the one thought— that of helping the patient during the treatment. It is ofcourse required of him to have studied and acquainted himselfwith the method of healing. This method of cure is very old,and was often used in the Eastern coun

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