Image from page 210 of “Mother West Wind “when” stories” (1920)

Image from page 210 of “Mother West Wind “when” stories” (1920)
Back Pain
Identifier: motherwestwindwh00burg
Title: Mother West Wind "when" stories
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo), 1874-1965 Cady, Harrison, 1877-1970, ill
Subjects: Animals
Publisher: Boston : Little, Brown
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
oked Little Path and heard thatterrible hiss. Jimmy ambled along slowly, for you know he never hurries. Presentlv he i/ disappeared around that little turn, andright away Peter heard that terriblehiss. He expected to see Jimmy corne 182 MOTHER WEST WIND WHEN STORIES racing back, and he was all ready tomake fun of him for pretending to beso brave. But Jimmy didnt come.Once more Peter heard that angry hissand felt his hair rise on end. Then allwas still. Peter waited as long as he could standit, and then his curiosity got the bestof him. Slowly and carefully he tip-toed along until he could see aroundthe turn in the Crooked Little Path.What he saw quite took his breathaway. There sat Jimmy Skunk lookingdown at something stretched out at hisfeet. It was that dreadful Snake onhis back, and he appeared to be quitedead. Jimmy reached out and pokedhim, but Mr. Snake didnt move.Jimmy poked him some more, and stillhe didnt move. Oh, Jimmy, however did you dareto try to kill him? : cried Peter.

Text Appearing After Image:
Jimmy reached out and poked him, but Mr. Snakedidnt move. Page 182, PETER MEETS BLUFFER 183 Jimmy looked back at Peter andgrinned. Come on with, me, and Iwill tell you a story, said he. Peter hesitated, but the thought ofa story was too much, for liim, and hefollowed Jimmy down the Crooked «/ Little Path, taking pains to go aroundthe body of Mr. Snake and not verynear it at that, although he knew it wassilly and foolish to be afraid of one whowas dead. Jimmy didnt go far. Hesat down and waited for Peter to joinhim. From where they were they couldsee the body of Mr. Snake stretchedout on its back in the Crooked LittlePath. Somehow, now that he was dead,Mr. Snake didnt look so very fierceand terrible. In fact he didnt looknearly so big as he had when he wasalive. Peter wras thinking of this whenhis heart gave a funny little jump. Hehad turned his head for just a second 184 MOTHER WEST WIND WHEN STORIES and now, as he looked back at Mr.Snake, lie felt that his eyes must beplaying him tr

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