Image from page 254 of “Health, strength & power” (1904)

Image from page 254 of “Health, strength & power” (1904)
Foot Health
Identifier: healthstrengthpo1904sarg
Title: Health, strength & power
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Sargent, Dudley Allen, 1849-1924
Subjects: Physical education and training
Publisher: New York, Boston, H. M. Caldwell co
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
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and vigour until the clenched hands arebrought to a sudden stop about six inches from theleft knee, with the body inclined forward and theweight thrown on to the left leg, as shown in Fig. 74.While still holding the fists together, swing theextended arms in front of the thighs up into thefirst position over the left shoulder. Eepeat. Ee-verse the movement by swinging the arms over theleft shoulder. Times — 10 — 25 — 50. Eate per minute, 10 — 20 —30. Caution — Throw the weight forward on to the advancedleg with every downward blow, and backward on tothe rear leg every time the arms swing over theshoulder. Make a circular movement with armsand trunk as though wielding a sledge-hammer, andlet the movements of body, arms, and legs be inperfect harmony. Parts Affected — The waist, loins, and oblique musclesof the abdomen have the greatest strain. Themuscles of the shoulder, upper and lower back, andarms, also those of the legs and hips, are broughtinto vigorous activity. 238

Text Appearing After Image:
te fj^r/K^^g-*S^^A-0s, HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND POWER Exercise 38FIGHTING GLADIATOR Position — Stand with the left foot about twenty-eightinches in advance of the right, with the weight onthe right leg, the left forearm held across the lowerchest, and the right forearm near the right side, asshown in Fig. 75. Movement — Strike straight out from the shoulder withthe right arm, springing at the same time from theright foot, extending the right leg and throwingthe weight forward on to the left leg. As the rightarm and side advance, the left arm and shoulder aredrawn back. See Fig. 76. Repeat the exercise.Try the same movement with right leg advanced ^ and position of arms reversed. Times — 20 — 40 — 80. Eate per minute, 16 — 32 —48. Caution — While springing forward from the rear footand leg, be sure and bend the advanced leg so thatboth feet will always remain on the floor. Parts Affected — The extensor and flexor muscles ofthe right and left leg, the muscles of the calve

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