Image from page 36 of “Medical and surgical reports” (1904)

Image from page 36 of "Medical and surgical reports" (1904)
Hand Wrist Pain
Identifier: medicalsurgicalr02stluuoft
Title: Medical and surgical reports
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago
Publisher: Chicago
Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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g the first week I found her sitting upadmiring her hand spread out on her pillow to her great delight, the fingers straightout and the wrist like the well hand—for the first time in two years. The pain alsorapidly disappeared. No gain in power of the hemiplegic arm was noted. Subsequent History—On January 2d, 1911—seven months later—she writes me:Thank you for the relief you have given me—the pain in my hand and arm aregreatly relieved; also the tension (spastic). The action is no better and the armhangs useless at my side. Inasmuch as the paralysis had been absolute—exceptfor the spastic contraction for two years—we can say that all has been gained thatcould be expected from the nerve section: relief of contraction and constant pain,especially the joint pains. The absence of complete anaesthesia due to hemi sectionof the roots is a decided improvement—permits all the restoration of muscle possiblein a paralytic which would be vitiated by contracture of opposing ones.

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20 ST. LUKES HOSPITAL REPORTS Case VI—By the kindness of Dr. Lyle, I am able to include a report of a caserecently operated upon by him, presenting features of interest. A young engineerwas violently injured by the lever of a heavy fly-wheel striking him in the right sideof his neck at the level of the jaw—in July, 1910. He was unconscious for twenty-four hours. The right arm was completely paralyzed and he suffered intense painin the neck and arm. An exploratory incision showed that the roots of the cervicalplexus were torn. The arm was then amputated. Six months later he was stillsuffering great pain. The right eye showed sympathetic paralysis of the eyelidwith contracted and undilatable pupil. In December, 1910, at St. Lukes Hospital, Dr. Lyle divided the 6th, 7th, 8thand 1st dorsal posterior roots within the dura, using the unilateral lamina resectionto expose the dura with ease. The pain was at once completely relieved—but afterthree months pain has come as if in his amputa

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