Image from page 404 of “The American journal of roentgenology, radium therapy and nuclear medicine” (1906)

Image from page 404 of “The American journal of roentgenology, radium therapy and nuclear medicine” (1906)
Heart Disease
Identifier: americanjournroen08ameruoft
Title: The American journal of roentgenology, radium therapy and nuclear medicine
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: American Radium Society American Roentgen Ray Society
Subjects: Radiotherapy X-rays
Publisher: Springfield, Ill. C.C. Thomas
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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situation, especially in thetransposition of the abdominal viscera. In reply to Mr. Dachtlers question, in ourcases the hearts were clinicallv normal. REPORT OF A CASE OF DIVERTICULUM OF THE LOWERPORTION OF THE ESOPHAGUS By H. W. DACHTLER TOLEDO, OHIO TT^HE patient, a female aged thirty-six-■ years, unmarried, was referred by Dr.W. H. Fisher in January, 1920, for an .t-rayexamination of the intestinal tract to deter-mine, if possible, the cause of some obscureabdominal symptoms. The family history was negative, herfather was living and well at eighty-two andthe mother living and well at seventy-six. every time she attempted to take food. Dur-ing this period she received nutritive enemas.She did not respond to treatment and as theconsulting physician thought this a neurosisshe was taken to another city for observationand was there operated upon and both ovar-ies and the appendix removed. These weresaid by the patient to be diseased but noauthentic history of the findings was obtain-

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FiG. I. Oblique. Pouch slightly posterior and abovediaphragm. A number of brothers and sisters were allwell. , The patient was well as a girl. Wheneighteen years old she had a mild typhoidinfection without complications, and madea good recovery. Her present trouble began in 1908, withpain in the appendix region and some gastricdisturbances, and for six weeks she vomited Fig. 2. Anteroposterior. Pouch to right of esophagus. able. She did not vomit after operation buthad much distress in her stomach. She evi-dently was not completely relieved, for shereceived osteopathic treatments, and aftereach treatment raised much mucous. Shegradually got better but has had stomachtrouble ever since and has vomited occasion-ally. In 1916 a cervical adenitis was operatedand three months later her tonsils were re- 389 390 Total Radiation from Point Sources moved and said to be badly diseased. During1919 she was worse and lost weight, and shewas seen by me in January, 1920. On examination she was found

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