Image from page 411 of “Journal” (1882)

Image from page 411 of "Journal" (1882)
Acid Reflux
Identifier: journals34soci
Title: Journal
Year: 1882 (1880s)
Authors: Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain) Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain). Abstracts Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain). Review Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain). Transactions and communications
Subjects: Chemistry, Technical
Publisher: London [etc.]
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r. 1083), treated with sulphiu-icacid to make the total acidity 6—10% by vol.,aerated, filtered, and mixed, in the fermentationvats, with suitable nutrient salts or vinasse from aprevious opei-ation. A modification consists informing lactic acid by treating the clarifiedsolution contained in the fermentation vats withnutrient salts or vinasse, diluting to 14° Balling(sp. gr. 1057). inoculating with lactic acid bacteria,and adding the yeast when the desired degree oflactic acidity is reached. Before starting the fer-mentation, suspended matter must be enth-elyremoved from the solution, preferably withoutpressure, hj the use of a filter having a largesurface.—J. P. O. Distillation and rectification of toines and fermentedmusts, methyl alcohol, etc. ; Apparatus for the continuous . E. Barbet et Fils et Cie. Fr. Pat. 470,242, June 10, 1913. The apparatus (see fig.) combines efficiency ofrectification, with the fuel economy associatedwith direct rectifying plant, the rectifying column

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of the vat, and the immersed portion of whichis made of glass. By means of a pump the gasin the upper part of the outer vessel may bewithdrawn and forced into the liquid through thesame tube. The attemperating coil inside theclosed vessel is not in contact with the liquid.The hquid is racked tlu-ough a ^ertical pipewhich projects to an adjustable extent abovethe bottom of the vat. and provision is made forcounterpressure racking.—J. H. L. lieing fed with alcoholic vapours direct from thewine and not with condensed distillates. The winefrom the heater, R, passes downwards through thepurifying column, A, where it is freed from headproducts, which pass into the accessory column,B, C, the more volatile part, after dephlegmationin B, being condensed in E, whilst the reflux fromB is again freed from the more volatile constituentsin C, and then passed into the main rectifymgcolunui, L. The wine, thus freed from liead Vol XXXIV., So. 4.] Cl. XIXa.—foods. 196 Sroducta in A, passes downward

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