Image from page 430 of “American lands and letters” (1905)

Image from page 430 of "American lands and letters" (1905)
Healing Arts
Identifier: americanlandslet01mitcuoft
Title: American lands and letters
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Mitchell, Donald Grant, 1822-1908
Subjects: American literature -- History and criticism Authors, American
Publisher: New York C. Scribner's Sons
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
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t keep themin mind, as we keep in mind a summer sunrise.Humanities are lacking; figures are wrought inivory; even the blood-stains upon the robes ofthe Madame Madeleine in that last horrific sceneof the House of Usher are dreadfully out of place ;such phantasms never bleed. AVe come nowhereupon any Miltonic spur to labor and to wait ; no Footsteps of Angels beat a path towardBeulah — but rather decoy one toward the danktarn of Auber. In the critical talk of Poe there was a free anda perfervid utterance which made for him doubt-less many enemies ; but enemies can never buryreal forces or real merit. In all that respects thetechnicalities of verse, there were in him such artof clever adaptation, and measurement of word-forces and word-collocation, that no enmities canbeat down or bewray his triumphs. All juggleries of sound are under his master-ship ; all the resonance of best brazen instru-ments — with here and there a pathetic touch ofsome Lost Lenore breaking in — like a tender

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Edgar Allan Poe. Front the Poe MemoriaU Richard Hamilton Park^ Sculptor^ presetted to the Metro/oHtanMuseiifn of Art by the Actors of Neiu Vork, LAST DAYS. 399 bird-note ; but there are no such other heart-heal-ing melodies—Miltonian, Wordsworthian, Shakes-pearian— as not only bewitch the ear, but hanghauntingly in our hearts. Again, and in highest praise of this erraticgenius, it must be said, that in his pages —even in the magical renderings of Baudelaire —there is no lewdness ; no beastly double-meanings;not a line to pamper sensual appetites : he is asclear and cool as Arctic mornings. After his Virginia had gone from his homethere was not so much lingeiing there for Poe :there were sudden, quick bursts of travel — toProvidence, to Lowell, to Boston, to Baltimore ;always the old dreams of a great fine journal ofhis own ; always the brilliant forecast of wealthand ease and jewels ; always the adoring obeisanceat the feet of clever beautiful M^omen who hadjewels of verse o

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