Image from page 491 of “Discourses on the miracles and parables of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ..” (1757)

Image from page 491 of “Discourses on the miracles and parables of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ..” (1757)
Healing Arts
Identifier: discoursesonmira01dodd
Title: Discourses on the miracles and parables of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ..
Year: 1757 (1750s)
Authors: Dodd, William, 1729-1777
Subjects: Jesus Christ Bible
Publisher: London : Printed for T. Waller, and W. Faden, and E. Dilly
Contributing Library: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
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all the means of grace, and endeavouringto obtain his favour, by walking in his loveand obedience ?— O thou highly favourd ofF f z the 45^ On blind BARTIMEUS. the Lord, happy indeed art thou who canftwith fatisfaction anfwer the demands of thyconfcience in thefe refpects! fear not, onlyperfevere: continue fteadfaft, forget what isbehind, and reach forth unto that which isbefore. To which end thefe three thingswill eminently conduce, — an eye fixt uponthe crofs oijefus Chriji—an eye fixt upon theGod of heaven, as alway feeing and obferv-ing every thje moft hidden thought, word andaction, — and an eye turned conftantly to thelaft and fearful day of judgment, upon whichwe muft all appear. To live under an ha-bitual fight and fenfe of thefe three things,as it muft deftroy fin in us, (o muft it greatlyimprove us in that holinefs, without which no?nan Jhall fee the Lord, and for which thofewere eminent, who are recorded in fcripture,as having walked with, and tepleafed, God, &c+

Text Appearing After Image:
On «AVvVvVvvJS DISCOURSE X. 0/z ^ Man with the withered Ha?id. Matt. xii. 13, Then faith he to the Man, Stretch forth thinehand-, and he fir etched it forth, and it wasrejiored whole, like as the other. .FleOsOC^ U R Lord, according to his cuf-§ O W tom> wentonthe fabbath-day intoJe( JeC one °f tne Synagogues where the 5bl)8Q809Cjr! Scribes and Pharifees were affem-bled, and ready to lay hold of any pretence,.that they might accufe him; and behold, therewas a man there prefent among the poor,who were to be relieved, who had his righthmd withered, the nerves and finews being fofhrunk up and dried, (eEvip^/xsv^v,) that, it wasperfectly ufelefs; the Scribes and Pharifees,who had obferved him profane the fabbath,as they judged, a little before, fuppofingthat he would now do the like and thatthey mould have a fair charge againft him,F f 3 watched 454 ®n the Man with the withered Hand,watched him, fay the evangelifls, whether hewould heal on the fabbath-day, that they mightfind an a

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