Image from page 498 of “Journal of radiology” (1922)

Image from page 498 of “Journal of radiology” (1922)
Identifier: journalofradiolo3192radi
Title: Journal of radiology
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Radiological Society of North America American College of Radiology and Physiotherapy
Publisher: Omaha, Neb., : [Radiological Pub. Co.]
Contributing Library: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Historical Medical Library
Digitizing Sponsor: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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and 120 milliampereminutes anteriorly. The total dosagewas 540 mliampere minutes posteriorly?n^ 420 milliamnere minutes anteriorly. Case No. 14393 (Fig. 2)—Mrs.E. C. 69 years of age. Admitted Sep-tember 13. 1920. Diagnosis: Carcinoma of the leftbreast. Her familv history was negative. Personal Histcrv: About eight yearsago the patient developed what shethought was an eczema of the leftniople. Under instructions from afriend, she repeatedly scrubbed thiswith a stiff tooth brush. The conditiongradually grew worse until one yearago, 1919, a bleeding presented itselfwhich has continued to September 1 3,1920. Recently the patient noticedshooting pains and found some lumpsin her left axilla. Physical Examination: There wasan ulcerating cauliflower growth twoand a half centimeters in diameter in-volving the left nipple area, the nipplehaving been destroyed. There werepalpable left axillary glands. She wasreferred for surgical removal of thebreast. Microscopical Report: Basel cellcarcinoma.

Text Appearing After Image:
Tig-. 3—Case No. 14520—Miss S. P.— (1) Roentgeno-gram made at time of admission, before treatmentwas given, showing no increase in density in the leftlung. (2) After treatment was given, showing marked increase in density involving the left lowerlobe. (3) Same patient still later, showing increasein density throughout the whole left lung. 471 HE V RADIATION EFFECTS ON PLEURAE AND LUNGS—TYLER AND BLACKMAN X-ray Examination: September 13,1920, there was no demonstrable path-ology in the lungs, pleura or ribs.March 22, 1921, an area of infiltra-tion in the left lung extended out fromthe hilum in fan shape under the thirdto the fifth anterior ribs. This has theappearance of fibrosis. April 27, 1922,the area of infiltration shown abovehad disappeared with the exception ofa small area in the third interspace. X-ray treatment which was givenup to the time the lung changes weredemonstrable: 9% inch spark gap, 6millimeters of aluminum and soleleather, 6 milliamperes, 10 inch anodes

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